Final Four: Kentucky Wildcats duel Wisconsin in Indy


All season people have talked of the true possibility of Kentucky’s chance to pursue perfection, and whether they would actually attain it. We now enter the final weekend of college basketball. For fans like myself, this is a bitter sweet time. You are excited for the champion to be crowned in just a few short days, but then depressed that we won’t see college hoops until November.

For Wildcats fans, I’m sure you feel the same. The anxiety for this evening’s game to get underway is overwhelming, but also, the thought that if not tonight, come Monday, will be the last time we see this historically fun basketball team play together, in what has turned out to be a major sports spectacle.

The Kentucky Wildcats have run through opponents all year, and have also been taken down to the wire (i.e. last weekend against Notre Dame), leaving tonight’s game, a rematch of last year’s Final Four matchup, just that much more exciting to watch.

Bo Ryan and company are a club full of upperclassmen that are ready for revenge after the dagger three that helped place UK in the National Title game last year.

Senior Frank Kaminsky is all over the stats sheet, and if you pay any attention to college basketball, you already know his name. Kaminsky boasts 18.2 PPG, 8 RPG, and 2.7 APG, while also touting AP’s Player of the Year issued yesterday to the renowned senior. Frank has helped lead the Badgers to their current standing in the tourney, with 16 points being his least amount in a tournament game so far.

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His fellow upperclassman Sam Dekker has also made his presence known throughout the tournament, as a guy that can’t seem to miss from behind the arc. Despite being a forward, and a height of 6’9”, Dekker has been lights out from three this tournament, shooting just under 50% from behind the arc, with an astounding 5-6 from that same range in Wisconsin’s win over Arizona. Not only can he shoot from three, he can simply just shoot from anywhere on the court, with his lowest field goal percentage for the tournament standing at .500, and his highest last game at .727.

Kentucky has a stout defense, but the thing that could be the Wildcat’s downfall is a hot handed team, and the Badgers could create that perfect formula to potentially beat the Cats.

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UK will need more of an offensive assault to match their renowned defense if they want to equalize their opponent. Last outing against the Fighting Irish, there was one man who got to work for the Wildcats, and he alone can’t do the same feat tonight. That man being Karl-Anthony Towns. The freshman was one of two Cats in scoring double figures, tallying 25 on the night.

Coach John Calipari opened up to the media yesterday, giving just how special this final weekend is.

"Getting to the Final Four is really, really hard.I don’t live and die with this, I’m focused on helping those kids reach their dreams."

Ultimately, that is what sports is all about, reaching your goals, and achieving your dreams. It is hard to believe that this Kentucky basketball season will be concluding at some point this final weekend, whether that be tonight, or on Monday, the final night of college basketball.

Either way, for UK fans, the time has come, the Ultimatum is finally here, where it all will be decided. The NCAA uses the phrase “The Road to the Final Four…”. We have heard it time and time again this season and in years past, but now we come to the second part of that phrase. “…The Road Ends Here.” This is the Final Four, enjoy it while it lasts BBN. The Wildcats and Badgers duel in the late game at 8:49 ET.