WKU Spring Game Should Be All Sorts of Fun


Second year head coach Jeff Brohm came into last season with a new game plan and a new plan for the Spring Game. In his second year he will stick with the new Spring Game format. Unlike most other schools the Tops will go starting offense versus starting defense. The offense will score in the traditional ways-crossing the goal line-and the defense scoring will go like this. I the defense forces the Tops into a 3-and-out or fourth down stop, the defense gets two points. Forcing a turnover will be rewarded with five points, finally a defensive score will be rewarded with the traditional 7 points.

For the Tops the eyes of fans will be on the offense. With Doughty returning and a lot of other players on the offense side of the ball back that squad should be set. However, its their counterparts that all analysts have their eyes on. An older defensive line and linebacking corps will be the strong point of the defense. However, the secondary the most blamed set of players for WKU’s defensive woes has yet to be seen if they have improved or not. With Wonderful Terry leading the way for WKU-however its expected he will miss the spring game- the young secondary will have a lot on their shoulders.

The spring game kicks off at one central time today. Make your way over to the Houch if you’re in Bowling Green. If you’re not, make your way back here and check out our post spring game coverage.