NCAA Tournament: Kentucky basketball cruises past Hampton 79-56


In what was actually a close game for the opening minutes, turned out to be another old fashioned Kentucky basketball blowout for the Wildcats in their opening round of this NCAA Tournament.

The Hampton Pirates were the ones on the other side of the scoreboard, who despite their seeding, had an upset on their mind. Today’s games weren’t short of disappointment, with huge finish after huge finish, giving the Pirates some hope (if you would even call it that) that they could do the impossible. Well, as normal, the sixteen seed will go packing and the one seed will move on to the round of 32.

Kentucky Wildcats
Kentucky Wildcats /

Kentucky Wildcats

The Pirates were led by senior Quinton Cheivous, with the guard totaling 22 points and 10 boards to his name. He was the only guy on Hampton’s roster to attain double digit figures in any category.

The Wildcats on the other hand had one of their own guys attain a double-double, that being frosh Karl Anthony-Tows, tacking on 21 points, 11 rebounds, and three blocks. To help KAT out, the Cats also had three other double figure scorers, Andrew Harrison (14 points), Tyler Ulis (11 points), and Trey Lyles (10 points).

The Wildcat’s combined for a total of 46 percent shooting from the floor, while also going 3-10 from behind the arc.

While Kentucky was easily able to attain victory, Coach Cal wasn’t too happy with the performance.

"You can’t do things on your terms this tournament, you won’t win games."

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Despite playing on “their terms” the Wildcats were able to pull out the win, but as the tourney moves on, Coach Cal obviously doesn’t think they will win if they keep up that find of play.

The Wildcats move on to 35-0 and continue to get closer to that elusive 40-0 mark. Kentucky will get tomorrow off, and will play the Cincinnati Bearcats on Saturday at a 2:45 tip-off time.