WKU’s Big Red named to “Creepiest Mascot” list


Another mascot list, another inclusion of Mr. Big Red, the wonderful, lovable, confusing mascot for WKU. But this list is a bit different, in a few ways. First of all, as opposed to just your standard, run of the mill “oddest mascots” or “weirdest mascots”, no no no.

This is a list of the creepiest mascots in all of sports.

Interesting, and probably not the way I’d describe Big Red to my grandmother (one of which has a Big Red sticker on her car), but okay, sure, I’ll go with it; Big Red is creepy. (Ehhh…not going to lie, that felt odd to say.)

Secondly, the list was run by ThePlayersTribune.com, which is a very special sports website. It’s founder is none other than former New York Yankee captain and shortstop, Derek Jeter, and he enlists other professional athletes to be his contributors and, as he says in the “About” page, strives to help be “The Voice of the Game.”

St. Louis Rams defensive end Chris Long took his turn to place the pen on the paper (wow, that’s an incredibly outdated reference, isn’t it) and counted down his top 18 creepiest mascots in the sports world. And, I must say to Long’s credit, he runs the gammit – professional, college and even high school mascots are mentioned, and some of them are really hard to believe are an actual thing.

And, also to Long’s credit, while he does include Big Red, he ranks him last – #18 – probably because he realizes that the only reason Big Red could be seen as “creepy” is because no one quite really knows what he his. Here’s what long had to say about him.

"The Hilltopper. Look at that smile. He’ll gobble you whole. Imagine arriving upon a hilltop and this dude is just sitting there having a picnic. I’m walking my ass back down the hill.– St. Louis Rams defensive end Chris Long on why Big Red is a creepy mascot"

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Am I biased in this realm of things? Absolutely. I think Big Red is the greatest thing to walk the earth over the last 35 years. However, I can totally see where Long, and anyone who doesn’t know WKU or the story behind Big Red, would find him creepy but more so just because you can’t quite tell what he is, instead of him actually being something terrifying. (P.s. – do yourself a favor and look through the entire list. Honestly, I’m not sure how SIU sleeps at night.)

Does Big Red belong on this list? Would you classify him as “creepy”? Let us know in a comment below or in a tweet at @BlueGrassDom.