WKU Football releases 2015 schedule


The Seattle Seahawks had their second Super Bowl in as many years ripped from their hands yesterday (yes, yes, I was pulling for Seattle. Go NFC!), which signified the end of the football season. But, just as quickly as the gridiron season came and went, it’s about to come quickly again! Between the combine, NFL draft, spring games, training camp…it’s one of the most active and interesting offseasons in sports, whether you’re covering an NFL team or a college team, like us!

The beginning of the 2015 C-USA football season officially begins today, as the conference announced the coming schedules for all of its 13 teams (yes, still at 13 – UAB out, Charlotte in) and that, of course, includes the schedule for WKU football.

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Coming into the day, we knew of four matchups that awaited the Hilltoppers – the season opener on Sept. 5th at Vandy, a Sept. 19th matchup back in Big 10 territory, this time against the Hoosiers, a home game the following week when Miami OH comes to Bowling Green, and then a late-October game in Death Valley against LSU.

Everything else was up in the air. Who would the Tops play this year that they also played last year? Which new team would we see? Would the new-comer 49ers face off against the Tops?

Arguably, the three biggest matchup fans wanted to know about were possible dates with MTSU, Marshall and a Brandon Doughty/Jeff Driskel showdown in a Louisiana Tech rematch.

And the Hilltoppers, and their fans, got just that. Every single one of them. Here’s the full 2015 WKU football schedule, courtesy of a really cool graphic from @WKUSports.

My word that is some sort of schedule! Not only do the Tops get MTSU, Marshall and Louisiana Tech again, but they get them all at home! That’s something that I thought was completely out of the question. Here are a few quick observations and thoughts I had about the schedule when I first saw it:

  • My original inclination was to say the Tops would be 4-0 after their opening stretch, but that was factoring in the LA Tech game being an FCS opponent. However, while 4-0 isn’t entirely likely, I think 3-1 is certainly do-able.
  • The road schedule, outside of LSU, seems pretty fair, especially with there being seven road games. Rice, North Texas, FIU and Old Dominion are all winnable.
  • The Tops get the dreaded “Thanksgiving break,” game, which is, unfortunately, the Marshall rematch. The Herd like to travel, so my biggest fear is Feix Field is painted green. That just wouldn’t be fun or fair, would it?

How do you feel about the 2015 WKU football schedule? Certainly not an easy one, but how else do you get better than playing the best? Let us know what you’re excited/nervous about in a comment below or on twitter by tweeting us @WaveTheRedTowel.