WKU Football Coaching Carousel


With the college football season coming to an end, teams who have hired new coaches are beginning to put their new staffs together. With this happening, Tops fans are once reminded that WKU football is not a destination program, but more of a pit stop. As these coaching teams are beginning to be put together a few WKU coaches have been called on to take higher positions at a new school, or take the same position at a bigger school. Lets take a quick look at where these WKU coaches are heading.

Currently, two coaches on the Brohm squad have either announced or have been rumored to be leaving or front runners for positions. The first coach who is leaving the Hill is Running Backs coach Greg Nord. Nord, a 20 year coaching veteran, has had previous stops at UK and Louisville among other schools. Nord was brought to WKU in 2013 by Bobby Petrino and after two seasons with Big Red, Nord is leaving South Central Kentucky to join Jim McElwain at Florida. It has not been announced what position Nord is taking at UF, but I would assume that he will have something to do with the running backs after guiding Antonio Andrews and Leon Allen to astounding seasons where the backs rushed for over 1500 yards in a season.

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The second Hilltopper coach is Offensive Coordinator Tyson Helton. Helton was rumored for the same position as offensive coordinator at Georgia (but that didn’t amount to any truth after the Dawgs decided to hire Brian Schottenheimer) and is rumored to be an option for Oklahoma. Helton is in his first season on the Hill after spending time at Cincinnati under Tommy Tubberville. Helton lead a WKU offense that averaged 44 points off 434 yards per-game. Helton featured a quarterback and running back who ranked near the top of the conference is yardage (

Brandon Doughty

– 4,830 and Allen – 1,580), and was the first ever QB/RB duo to pass for over 4500 yards and rush for 1500 yards in the same season.

As a program on the rise, many fans wouldn’t like to see either leave. However, as Nord has history at big schools, it only seems logical that he would leave to return to a top tier school. For Tyson Helton though, it would seem he would err on staying with the Hilltoppers as he could build his resume a little more seeing that his first experiment in Doughty is returning with a sixth year of eligibility in the spring. All of that being said it will remain to be see if Helton is offered a better deal else where, for now, let bask in the glory that is the Tops won’t heir first ever bowl game…no matter how ugly it was.