Reports: Ayinde Sprewell requests release from WKU


With it being finals week on the Hill, news out of the WKU basketball camp has been pretty slow. But, on the eve of a rematch with Ole Miss, there is an interesting tid-bit that was tweeted out today regarding one of the highly touted newcomers.

Yes, you read that correct. JUCO transfer Ayinde Sprewell is unhappy on the Hill and wants to find a new home. In his first – and looking like only season – with the Tops, Sprewell has only seen the floor in three games (a total of 23 minutes to be exact) and that .3 points that are mentioned? Yeah, he only has a free throw to his credit this season.

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In some aspects, you can look at this situation and say “c’mon Ayinde, what else do you want to have happened so far?” He shares a position with the likes of

T.J. Price


Trency Jackson

, not to mention the fact that they’ve all played well. But, on the other hand, I kind of get it. He was a highly touted recruit and thought he’d a major player for the Tops. Which, I’m pretty sure anyone you asked could have seen that being the case in a year. But, oh well.

So, I suppose it’s back to the drawing board for Spre. And, yes, nothing is truly official until the school announces it, Parrott is a guy I trust and he has no reason to make up a rumor about little ol’ Western Kentucky. Spre chose the Tops over Rhode Island, Akron, Detroit, Florida Gulf Coast, Lafayette and Troy, so it’ll be interested to see if he gives one of those schools a shot in his next journey.