Around the Bluegrass: The story behind the Louisville Bats


One of my favorite websites to frequent is For those who know me, this should really come as no surprise – I’m a uniform/logo freak, and this is the best site that I’ve found that covers news on the subjects. Sure, places like Uni Watch (and even Fansided’s own Alternate Uni) are great places, but there’s something about Chris and the work he does at SL that is…different. I don’t know, maybe I’m just weird.

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The reason I bring it up is because they do a series called “Behind the Brand,” in which they divulge behind why the name and logos were chosen for a specific team. Usually, it’s a minor league baseball team, although the gamete has basically been run completely. But, it’s a safe bet week to week to expect a baseball story.

Well, this week’s story just so happens to be of Kentucky’s own Louisville Bats. It gives a brief history of the team history (for instance, I had no idea the Bats were once called the “RiverBats.” Or affiliated with not-Cincinnati), and into what went into the current naming and color scheme of the club.

While I wont give away all of the article’s contents – it’s well worth the five minutes it takes to read it – it does happen to say why the color scheme of the club is purple. Some of you hard-core Kentuckians know, but in case you didn’t…

"If you take the red of the University of Louisville and the blue of University of Kentucky, mix the two together, and you get purple.– Greg Galiette, Senior Vice President"

I myself learned this fact just a few months ago, and was blown away and ashamed as to how I never figured it out before. So, there you go, a little bit of extra knowledge to get your day going.

Oh, and Mr. Galiette, the Hilltoppers also are red. So…yeah!