ProToppers: Ravens hope Bobby Rainey wont burn them


What has become arguably the story of this week’s match-up between Bobby Rainey’s team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and his first team in the Baltimore Ravens. And, honestly, it was sort of an after thought in my mind, but it’s getting all sorts of mention from Baltimore media and a national outlet as well.

Apparently, Mr. Rainey left quite the mark on the Ravens coaching staff, especially head coach John Harbaugh (who has some family history with WKU as well), who had nothing but praise for the back this week.

"We like Bobby, it was unfortunate that we lost him. We really wanted him to be here to be a part of what we were doing, but he was claimed and we had to make a move there. The rest is history. He’s put a bunch of yards up."

Not only do the Ravens still have fond memories of Rainey, but it seems the feelings are mutual, as NBC’s Pro Football Talk revealed that Rainey still keeps in close contact with some members, and ex-members, of the Ravens.

"It was fun to experience something with those guys. Not just being on that team, but friendships — lifelong friendships. It was great. The same way Ray Lewis brought him in under his wing, that’s the way Ray [Rice] did with me. Ed Reed and those guys talked to me a lot.  I had a lot of support with those guys and I still keep in contact with those guys. There was a time when [Rice] really needed a friend when all that was happening with him.  I’m still keeping in contact with him and basically uplifting him with his situation.  We all make mistakes, period.  No one is perfect.  I try to encourage him when we do talk."

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Now how awesome of a story is that? In reality, how awesome is all of it? Not only are the Ravens saying (whether or not they truly mean it) that they wish one of their practice players could hang around, but Rainey helped be there and guide Ray Rice through all he went through. Hilltoppers changing the world, guys.