Conference USA Power Rankings: Guess Who’s on Top?


If you checked out our football scoreboard yesterday, you noticed there were a ton of points scored around Conference USA this weekend, and a majority of those games with a lot of points were very lopsided. The votes are in, and here’s how C-USA stands after week six.

(4-2, 3-0). Previous: . MTSU Blue Raiders. 2. team. 2370.

2367. . (3-2, 1-1). Previous: . UAB Blazers. 4. team

2399. . (2-3, 1-1). Previous: . Rice Owls. 7. team

8. team. 2388. . (2-3, 0-2). Previous: . North Texas Mean Green

FAU Owls. 10. team. 2399. . (2-4, 1-1). Previous:

team. 2408. . (1-4, 0-2). Previous: . UTSA Roadrunners. 11

2385. . (2-4, 0-2). Previous: . Southern Miss Golden Eagles. 13. team

Here’s how we at Wave the Red Towel voted. Notice how I got the top six correct. Baller status. (Ps – I was the lone voter to give FAU a last place vote.)

(4-2, 3-0). Previous: . MTSU Blue Raiders. 2. team. 2370. The Blue Raiders nearly lost it, but held on to stay perfect in C-USA play.

2367. The Blazers and Hilltoppers provided probably the most entertaining game of the weekend, and it went the way of UAB on the road.. (3-2, 1-1). Previous: . UAB Blazers. 4. team

Previous: . North Texas Mean Green. 8. team. 2388. If it weren’t for 21 first quarter points given up to Indiana, the Mean Green might have had a fighting chance at pulling out an upset. But, unfortunately, such was not the case.. (2-3, 0-2)

Previous: . Rice Owls. 9. team. 2399. Remember when Hawaii was really <em>really </em>good? Well, they’re not anymore, as they failed to grab a W in the Lonestar State. Rice is trying to salvage the season here in the middle stages.. (2-3, 1-1)

Previous: . UTSA Roadrunners. 10. team. 2408. You wouldn’t be wrong to think a matchup with New Mexico would hopefully have provided some answers for UTSA. And, if you’re a UTSA fan, you’re hoping after the 21-9 loss, it didn’t, or else it’s going to be a long back half of the year.. (1-4, 0-2)

2385. Southern Miss tried to come back on the road against MTBR, and even a school record was broken, but the surge came too late.. (2-4, 0-2). Previous: . Southern Miss Golden Eagles. 12. team

team. 2399. It seems to have been a season long battle with them, FIU and Southern Miss, but for now, FAU has claimed the “worst team in C-USA,” award.. (2-4, 1-1). Previous: . FAU Owls. 13

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