WKU basketball announces winning design of fan vote


The word is in, and the winner of the WKU third-jersey design contest is…


Okay, I admit, that was a bit mean to say, but seriously, you all who voted (I myself voted for this design a time or two) have all the sense in the world as to what a clean looking jersey design is, and the best design truly did win.

I know there are people who are unhappy with the black uni, but don’t fret, the Tops will only rock these a handful of times this year (yes, they’re keeping the reds and grays) so even if you don’t like the winning design, there’s no reason to panic that much.

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What some pro teams have stared doing – and maybe the Tops can be one of the first to set the trend in the college game – is release a schedule of what games, exactly, the team is wearing a certain type of jersey. But I might be getting a little too ambitions here.

While I like the clean design, the red stripe down the side is very appealing, I do still wish it said “HILLTOPPERS” or “WKU” or something down the side. Also, I really hope the “TOPS” above the buttocks on the back of the shorts remain. Also, something needs to be done about that awful WKU font on the front. Ughhh.

How do you feel about the winning design? Is this one you voted for? Are there any games in particular you’d like to see these worn (personally, I have a feeling they’ll be worn three times – C-USA home opener, the Louisville game and on the road against MTSU)? Let us know below in a comment or on twitter @WaveTheRedTowel.