WKU basketball holding online vote for new jersey


The fans did such a wonderful job selecting the black endzone design (that WKU has still only played on once), that the WKU athletic department has turned to them again, this time to help choose the design for this year’s black basketball jersey. You can see the three options below.

The vote will come to an end on September 26th, and the winning design will be announced on September 29th.

Personally, I’d rather see the Tops get rid of that awful font all together. It worked well on the gray uniforms last year, but the white ones didn’t look good and don’t even get me started on the red jerseys with the black words.

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Honestly, I don’t think the designs are that good (you can ask anyone else who writes for the site – I’m a uniform and logo nut). I don’t like the camo – it’s too trendy and very Adidas. WKU isn’t Louisville, or Cincinnati or UCLA or…okay okay, I’ll stop.

The stripes really don’t make a whole lot of sense – they’re just kind of there. A “TOPS” or “WKU” or “WESTERN” down the seem would be nice – especially of they combined the tops of the jersey to match the shorts (i.e. HILL under the arms and TOPPERS on the leg. WHAT A GENIUS IDEA, GUYS).

So, that unfortunately leaves us with the bland solid red line. But, sometimes bland is good, and compared to our other two options, bland here is really good. I know the school and athletic department wants to brand itself as a letter school (you don’t know “Louisiana State,” you know “LSU”), but the throwback WESTERN on top, number in the middle and KENTUCKY on bottom would be swell to bring back. They usually do that once a night every year, but it’d be sweet to do it EVERY NIGHT for the year. I’ll stop rambling now.

If you’d like to let your voice be heard (I have. Twice…well, thrice with this rant). you can click here and submit. I have done it multiple times so I have no idea if they’ll actually count it as such.

What design are you voting for? Are you in the same boat I am and simply don’t like any of the other designs? Leave a comment below or tweet us at @WaveTheRedTowel.