Conference USA Power Rankings Week 4: Bulldogs fall fast


Marshall has once again been voted by C-USA bloggers as the best team in the conference after week four, and for the first time a unanimous decision, while a bad loss (albeit a late one) sent Louisiana Tech into a tail spin. See the official rankings below, followed by how we voted here at Wave the Red Towel.

TeamRankPrevious RankRecord

Here is how Wave the Red Towel submitted, plus a short explanation as to why.

TeamRankPrevious RankRecordThe Story So Far
114-0The Herd straight took it to another MAC opponent, and are looking scarier and scarier as conference play begins.
273-1ODU has a victory in their first ever C-USA game, plus they did it against the defending conference champs AND it was on the road. Thursday vs. MTBR will be interesting for sure.
3102-277 points, no matter the opponent, is impressive. Good job, North Texas
4112-2Southern Miss was the only conference team to pull out a win in a close game. Kudos.
532-1The Blazers were idle, and no one around them really helped their cause to move ahead of them.
652-1See – above.
742-2MTBR all of a sudden have an interesting matchup on Thursday.
861-2I bet you the Tops would have found a way to lose this week, so I’m kind of glad they didn’t play. They’ll head to Annapolis to face the Midshipmen this weekend.
911-2Same story as the past few, they get a pass for not playing.
1091-3FAU couldn’t come up with a win against the Cowboys, but it was close.
1122-2Another C-USA team bites the dust against an FCS team. I don’t know if the fact that this came down to the wire makes it better or worse.
12120-3Rice just isn’t having things go their way, and allowed ODU to walk into their place and send them to 0-3.
13131-3FIU took on Louisville and went about as well as you thought it might.

How do you feel our rankings, or the rankings of the group were? Who would you move? Where and why? Let us know below or on twitter at @WaveTheRedTowel.

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