Write For Wave the Red Towel


Do you love the Hilltoppers? Would you like to join our writing team and share your knowledge with the WKU world? Well, you’re in luck! Wave the Red Towel is always looking for new and talented writers, and you never know – the next one could be you!

We are also looking for writers with a specific topic of interest to cover, to make our coverage and analysis even that much better.

Recruting: The one area we really lack in is a writer who follows WKU recruiting like there’s no tomorrow. From basketball to football, and anything in between, if you follow those who could come to the Hill, we’d love to have you.

Football: While we do cover the football Hilltoppers, we’d love to have a football-specific writer, who knows the game inside and out and can see it differently.

Staff writer: Do you simply love the Tops? As long as “WKU” is on the uniform, you’ll watch? Perfect. We take pride in our knowledge and coverage of every team the Toppers field, and if you feel we are lacking in an area, feel free to join us!

Conference USA: We don’t just provide Tops’ coverage. As one of only three Conference USA sites on the FanSided network, we try to make WKU fans, and everyone else who reads our site, knowledgeable about the whole conference. If you share the same love and passion for the conference as we do, we’d love to have you.

If any of these sound enticing to you, feel free to reach out to editor Fletcher Keel at fletchtopper [at] gmail [dot] com.

And now a word from Fansided…..


Passion. Drive. Creativity. A love of the game.

Our goal at FanSided has always been to provide enough quality content to make ourselves a consistent daily resource for news and information for all of your favorite sports team. In order to do so it requires building a strong team of writers and there are opportunities here at Wave the Red Towel to join our team to help us do so.

FanSided continues to grow daily, reaching a broad audience across our 280+ sites that cover the entire sporting landscape and various aspects of the entertainment world. Between the vast internal network of writers and readers and a great content partnership with Sports Illustrated there are certain opportunities to have your work read by countless readers just as passionate as you.

Prior experience writing in an online platform is always beneficial, but certainly not required. We have a growing network of writers and editors across the network to learn from, network with, and help out along the way – making this a great place for an aspiring journalist, budding writer, or simply someone looking to expand on a hobby.

A number of our former writers have gone on to full time roles at local newspapers or national publications, with a few even landing positions working directly with the teams themselves. Others even work full time for us directly. We’re firm believers in creating opportunities for our own here, as every member of the network’s leadership has worked their way up from within.

Interested? Want to know more? Head on over and complete our online application. It will give us a chance to better know you and see an example of your writing. We’ll ask for some insight into why you want to join us. We’ll be in touch from there to answer all of your questions.