An Open Letter to Kentucky Basketball


Kentucky Basketball,

Players and Staff, I think I can speak for Wildcat fans from all around the world in saying thank you. Thank you for an amazing season that couldn’t have been more fun to be apart of. Thank you for the countless hours you spent practicing in the off-season. Thank you for the extra time spent studying film. Thank you for being you, and representing Kentucky Basketball in the best possible way.

While the media will criticize, the haters will scrutinize, at the end of the day, your fans appreciate and love you for all that was accomplished this season.

From the first games in the Bahamas, to the last in Indy, it felt so good to watch you all play the sport we love so much.

For Andrew, Aaron, Willie, and Dakari, we thank you for giving Kentucky basketball at least one more year. We realize that some of you may return next year, but majority won’t, but that won’t change a thing. You all will be forever remembered for the past two historic seasons, and will forever have BBN’s support wherever your futures lead.

The same goes for Karl-Anthony, Devin, and Trey. BBN is extremely glad you all made the decision to come to Kentucky, it has been an incredible year for you all, and once again, we wish you the best of luck moving forward. Of course, we wouldn’t care to have you all back for one more year, but we understand, when the next level calls, sometimes you must answer.

While words can’t explain how great this whole experience has been, I conclude saying once again, thank you. We will forever support you in your endeavors, and wish you all the best of luck when deciding your future.

Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat.

-Big Blue Nation