NCAA Tournament: Kentucky basketball prepares for its run


The Wildcats have now made it to their ultimatum of the season, they will be NCAA Champions with an unblemished record, or, they won’t. All of college basketball now has its eyes on the tourney, and whether the boys in blue, who have been scrutinized all season, will make their run to the championship game.

Most brackets and analysts had Manhattan winning the play in game for the 16 spot to meet Kentucky, including myself. However, with March being March, the one team that had a losing record in the tournament came out on top, and now offers a .500 record that will meet the undefeated 34-0 Wildcats.

That team of course is the Hampton Pirates, whom believe it or not, hold a 6-0 record when playing on a neutral site. While tonight’s second round game is technically a neutral court game, the nation obviously expects the BBN to show up with force with the game still being held in the Bluegrass.

The Pirates are on a five game win streak that began in their conference tournament, despite losing three out of the previous four games prior to their conference tourney.

In the first round against Manhattan, Hampton had three double figure scorers, with Quinton Chievous leading the way with 15 points, 13 rebounds, and a lone assist. Chievous has been inconsistent of late, but when he makes an impact, he does so in a big way. Including a 23 points, 16 rebounds game against Norfolk State in the conference semifinals.

Switching to Kentucky, the boys in blue look to cruise to an easy win. The Wildcats should look to utilizing the post with ease over the Pirates, as their tallest man on roster is 6’10”. Just to throw this out there, I’m sure you already know, but UK has four guys as tall or taller than 6’10”.

The Wildcats make their 55th tournament appearance, the most out of any school in the nation. The boys in blue are 6 wins away from their illustrious perfect season. Their run to perfection begins tonight. It has been such a successful season, but like Coach Cal continues to reiterate, every team is 0-0 from here on out. The Cats have the late game and will tip-off at 9:40ET. Hope you enjoy the first full day of March Madness.