WKU Basketball Game Grades: Senior trio steps up


Dance in the streets! Keep the same socks and underwear on! Burn all the couches! Wait, one of those doesn’t fit…

Anyway, the steak is over! WKU basketball has won a game! And what an embarassing thing it would have been to fall to the 1-13 (now, 1-14) Owls from FAU. But, luckily, we don’t have to talk about that!

It didn’t look good, but that’s WKU basketball for you – grind it out all the way until the very end, and do just enough to escape with the victory. Last night saw four guys step up in a big way, three of which the Tops needed for continued success as the season comes to a close, as each of the three seniors each scored 17 points.

WKU Hilltoppers. T.J. PRICE. A. I’m so glad <a href=. G

TRENCY JACKSON. B+. He lives, Jim! After back-to-back performances of seven points (both of which were on the road), <a href=. G. WKU Hilltoppers

B. I’m not going to lie, it feels weird giving a 17 point scorer a “B” grade. But, in the case of this <em>particular </em>17 point scorer, it makes a bit more sense. Fant is much more valuable to this team when he’s rebounding than when he’s scoring (and he’s <strong>really </strong>valuable when he does both). I guess we could look at it the other way around and be thankful – at least his scoring <em>increased </em>(based on season averages) when he didn’t have a strong rebounding night as opposed to essentially disappearing on both ends – so I’m not <em>disappointed</em> in the performance, but with a team full of scorers, George needs to focus on rebounding. Although, I’ll never say no to points. What, you’ve never met a hypocrite before?. F. WKU Hilltoppers. GEORGE FANT

JUSTIN JOHNSON. C+. For a majority of fans, senior day is the time to recognize, remember and enjoy those who wont be around for much longer, and bask in their glory one last time. For bloggers, such as myself, it’s the unofficial beginning to the future. Whether you want to face the reality of the situation or not (it’s okay to chose not – that’s where I am, mentally), T.J., George and Trency are gone after this year. But, you know who is coming back? <strong><a href=. F. WKU Hilltoppers

Now it’s your turn! How would you have graded each of the guys above? Let us know either in a comment below or on twitter at @BlueGrassDom.