WKU Baseball Game Grades: Offense steals the show


WKU baseball nearly had the biggest upset of the early stages of the college baseball season (and, it probably would have been the biggest upset of the entire season), but late-inning bullpen woes continued from 2014 and the Tops allowed the #1 Commodores to come back, and ultimately, win 10-6. However, it wasn’t all bad, as there were some great performances by the Tops down in Nashville.

A. The Hilltoppers were their most confident against the ‘Dores in the first five innings of the game. Also, starter <strong><a href=. LHP. WKU Hilltoppers. RYAN THURSTON

B+. If you don’t know the name now, you’re going to soon – <strong><a href=. CF. WKU Hilltoppers. ANDERSON MILLER

B. As the DH, <strong><a href=. DH. WKU Hilltoppers. PHILIP DIEDRICK

D. If there’s one <strong>major </strong>upgrade the Tops needed to address coming into 2015, it was the bullpen woes. And, despite all the optimism shown in the preseason and during media day and such, the woes continued to show themselves on Wednesday. Five relievers combined for six runs, six base runners and only four strikeouts in three innings of relief. Now, I realize that Vandy is #1 in the nation <strong>and </strong>are the defending champions, but a five-run lead should be safe enough to keep against anyone, and unfortunately, the Tops couldn’t get it done.. 3 innings, 6 runs, 6 baserunners. WKU Hilltoppers. WKU BULLPEN

The Hilltoppers have moved their series against Southern Illinois to Nick Denes Field this weekend, with a game tomorrow afternoon and a double header on Sunday.

How would you have graded the guys above? Is there anyone who was worth a grade that I omitted? Let me know in a comment below or on twitter @BlueGrassDom.

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