Chris Jones along with two others to be charged


The next chapter in the Chris Jones saga is not a pretty one.

If you’re new to the story, lets recap a bit – Jones was suspended “indefinitely,” last week, missing a midweek matchup for the Cards against Syracuse. Jones played in Saturday’s win over Miami, then was dismissed from the team all together on Sunday. What was suspected to be differing reasons actually turned out to not be the case – the Courier-Journal exposed that threatening text messages had been sent from Jones to another female, leading to his ultimate dismissal.

Well, today, the Courier-Journal, along with other outlets such as ESPN, are reporting that a warrant has been issued for Jones’ arrest – one charge for rape and another for sodomy.

The Courier-Journal goes into depth about what the warrants say in their wording:

"The warrant, obtained by University of Louisville police, was signed Wednesday by Jefferson District Judge Katie King.The warrant says that one of the women was hospitalized Sunday and able to identify Jones as her assailant. One of the women is 19 and the other 20, according to the warrant.A second warrant says Jones, along with two other people, forced a woman to have intercourse and oral sex. She also identified Jones as a U of L player, according to the warrant. She was taken to University of Louisville Hospital, where she was treated.-Andrew Wolfson for the Louisville Courier-Journal on the arrest warrants for Chris Jones."

Those two other people mentioned, have also been arrested.

While the warrants were announced earlier today, Jones has been detained has made his way to court for a hearing.

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