Chris Jones and Louisville: Departure Details Emerge


Yesterday, news broke that Louisville senior guard Chris Jones had been dismissed from the team after some incident, which just so happened to be his second of the week (the first of which caused him to miss a road game against Syracuse), but the school didn’t offer any reasoning to the dismissal, nor did they seem intent on doing so.

That was yesterday. But, news has come out today that has let us behind the curtain. According to both the Louisville Courier-Journal, as well as, Jones was dismissed due to threats made to his girlfriend last week. Below is from the InsiderLouisville article, written by Stephen George.

"According to the report, the woman had tried to meet Jones at his apartment, and when he didn’t show up, she “mess(ed) up” his room. At 2 p.m. the following day, Jones allegedly texted her back, threatening to “smack TF out of” her.The report also indicates she did not wish to press’s Stephen George on why Chris Jones was dismissed"

To make matters even worse, both articles also say that there is currently an investigation into a separate incident, which the university has yet to disclose, and UofL campus police spokesman Kenneth Brown said he did not know when the investigation would be concluded.

Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio (who tweeted out the link) had a few interesting thoughts to share on the whole thing.

Very good points, Mr. Jones. What we all believed was the result of a second incident, it seems Jones’ suspension against ‘Cuse, as well as his dismissal, both stem from the same incident. Not good.

For the record, head coach Rick Pitino has declined to comment on the situation and the UofL athletics department has not confirmed any of this. For those of you who want the whole scoop, you can read the ULPD report here.

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