Welcome to Bluegrass Dominion


Wave the Red Towel started in October of 2013 with the mission to bring great, dedicated coverage of one of the premiere mid-major teams in all of the nation to the blogingsphere. FanSided was gracious enough to allow me to take a shot at it, and in that time, we have grown into what I had hoped we’d be – an authority on Hilltopper athletics, dedicated readers and a place where anyone can turn to if they need a good read from knowledgeable people about WKU.

But, as you and I well know, the audience for the Hilltoppers is a small, niche one. And, as passionate as those who wave red towels are, it still doesn’t compete with the footprint that Kentucky and Louisville have on the state. And, rather than accept defeat, we are undertaking a “rebirth,” of sorts here on Wave the Red Towel.

As of today, we will be moving out of the realm of just college, Hilltoppers coverage, and will be moving to covering all Kentucky sports. While, yes that will include just as much WKU coverage, it also means the same for Kentucky. Louisville. The new Louisville City FC squad to start in March. The Hot Rods, Legends and Bats. We are becoming a Kentucky locals site here on FanSided, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Welcome to Bluegrass Dominion.

I want to thank FanSided for the nearly year and a half they hosted Wave the Red Towel, and also thank them for the opportunity to expand our horizons. I want to thank those of you who read WtRT often, and I hope you’ll continue to read. For those of you who haven’t read us before, welcome, and we hope you meet, nay, exceed your expectations.

Stay safe in this snowy weather, and let me be the first to extend a hardy welcome to Bluegrass Dominion.