Ben Lawson continues to make tremendous strides for WKU


Usually when we bring you our game grades, we hit the names – George Fant, T.J. Price, Chris Harrison-Docks, Trency Jackson – but not only does that get boring, but also predictable. Take last night for instance – George notched a double-double, T.J. lead all players in scoring, CHD didn’t score a lot but did score important points, yadda yadda yadda.

Today, I wanted to try something different, and talk about the guys who you probably aren’t talking about at lunch today because, by looking at their stat line, they don’t seem to be that important to how things played out in the game. But how wrong you’d be. Oh yes. How very, very wrong indeed. Let us begin.

A. It took a while for <strong><a href=. F. Hilltoppers. BEN LAWSON

B. Much as Ben Lawson had a growing game yesterday, so did <strong><a href=. G. Hilltoppers. DJ CLAYTON

Hilltoppers. BRANDON PRICE. B-. <strong><a href=. G

What grade would you give the guys above? What would you have graded other Hilltoppers? Let me know in a comment below or on twitter @WaveTheRedTowel.