The Conference USA undefeateds are no more after Hilltoppers lose


I remember seeing the halftime score of 41-25 and thinking “holy crap, Charlotte!” Then I realized that its FAU. But, still. Holy crap, Charlotte! Not only did the 9ers get production from their starting five, but also used up their bench – nine players came in the game in substitution situations – and the 9ers shot nearly 55% from the floor.

Marquan Botley

was a bright spot for FAU with 23 points, but the lack of Owl depth hurt them in the long run.

17 points each from Jonathan Arledge and Trey Freeman helped lead ODU in a game they should have won. Maybe not easily, but this surely is a game they should have won. FIU put together a much better second half than first half, but that slow start to the game ended up costing them.

It wasn’t a good Thursday for Southern Miss. First,

Rasham Suarez


Jeremiah Eason

are declared ineligible by the NCAA, then they shoot 36% from the floor and become the lone occupant of the C-USA cellar. The Tops face Southern Miss next, and frankly, I cannot wait.

2370. Final. 69. 2408. 58

The Blue Raiders curious C-USA play continues as the Roadrunners beat them in San Antonio. The MTBR’s couldn’t hold on to a seven point halftime lead and shot under 35% from the floor in the game. Four of the five ‘Runner starters scored in double figures, and

Kaj-Bjorn Sherman

lead all scorers with 20.

The Miners are back on track and UAB drops just their second conference game of the year.

Vince Hunter

put 22 points up for UTEP off the bench and combated a 10-0 in to come back and win by a bucket. Things were looking a bit sketchy for Miner fans, but the UAB win is a good one and could be what they need to get them back on track.

Down goes Fraizer! Down goes Fraizer! The Hilltoppers drop their first ever Conference USA game as the Bulldogs extend their home win streak to 22 in a row and 42 of 43 overall.

George Fant

saw his double-double streak come to an end at eight and both

Alex Hamilton


Raheem Appleby

both dropped 17 points. That, and Appleby was SportsCenter’s top play after posterizing Fant. Not the Tops finest hour.

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