Parker McLeod leaves the WKU Football program


Well that certainly was quick. After enrolling at WKU this past summer, via the University of Alabama, Parker McLeod has un-enrolled from the university just three days into the new semester.

Now, this could be due to any number of reasons, but I’m going to put good money on the fact that its more due to the verbal commitment the Hilltoppers got from Reese Ryan, the #2 rated quarterback in the state of Kentucky by, and is a top-30 QB based on ESPN’s rankings. Or, at least, that was my first suspicion. And then, Chad Bishop came to the rescue.

Ohhh, things just got really interesting now. And, as great as my first instinct was, it’s incorrect. Boo. So, it looks to be the case that the return of Brandon Doughty for a sixth year is the ultimate deciding factor for McLeod, who would have no doubt flourished in a Jeff Brohm-style offense.

This now leaves Doughty, Nelson Fishback and the new verbal Ryan as the three quarterbacks that MCB mentioned above left on the roster for the 2015 campaign. And, while it’s a bummer to think of what could have been with McLeod at QB, if he was really that unhappy with the way things transpired, it’ll end up being a good thing in the end. The one thing this team won’t need is locker room drama. We all know how well the basketball team has played since Ayinde Sprewell has left. I’m just saying. In the long run for WKU football, its for the best.