Everyone in Conference USA now has a conference win


WKU Hilltoppers (14-5, 7-0)

Last week: 2-0 record
Last rank: 1

It still sort of baffles me that the Hilltoppers have yet to lose in Conference USA play. Not to say that they have deserved to lose at any point this year, its just a bit baffling. After the non-conference start this team had, who knew they’d be where they are right now? And, while maybe teams like UTEP, Old Dominion and Charlotte aren’t who we thought they’d be, the Tops aren’t either, but in a positive way.

UAB Blazers (10-10, 6-1)

Last week: 2-0 record
Last rank: 3

Speaking of teams who aren’t who we thought they were, the mighty Blazers continue their tear. Still having only lost to Louisiana Tech on the road, this week they powered through road wins against Charlotte and ODU. Feb. 19th is gonna be awesomeeeee.

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs (15-5, 6-1)

Last week: 1-1 record
Last rank: 2

Down go the Techsters! Down go the Techsters! North Texas delivers the first blow to the Bulldogs schedule, making Thursday’s Tops/Dawgs game even that much more interesting. Dawgs are mad, and they’ll want revenge.

MTSU Blue Raiders (12-8, 5-2)

Last week: 2-0 record
Last rank: 6

The MTBR’s aren’t this good, are they? Surely they’ve had their struggles, but are they really this good? They were one of only a handful of Conference USA teams to go undefeated this past week, and I guess they hold true to the adage that it’s better to win ugly than lose pretty.

Old Dominion Monarchs (15-4, 4-3)

Last week: 0-2 record
Last rank: 4

Oh how the mighty have fallen. The Monarchs got swept last week and, while they’re still in the top half of the standings, things aren’t peachy in Monarch-land.

Charlotte 49ers (8-11, 2-5)

Last week: 1-1 record
Last rank: 7

Right now the best thing Charlotte has going for it is their youth – they’re going to be good. Its going to happen. But the 49ers have better days ahead of them. Now, watch them tear up the back half of the season and make me eat my words.

UTEP Miners (12-7, 4-3)

Last week: 0-2 record
Last rank: 5

UTEP lost to Marshall. I feel like that in and of itself is sufficient. Things are not good in Miner-land. They were mad after the WKU loss, but I can’t even imagine how it is in Texas right now.

FIU Panthers (9-9, 2-3)

Last week: DNP
Last rank: 9

FIU doesn’t play and they move up in our rankings. Because they didn’t lose. Good job, Panthers!

Rice Owls (6-12, 3-4)

Last week: 1-1 record
Last rank: 10

Rice beat Southern Miss but lost to Louisiana Tech. Seems about right.

North Texas Mean Green (8-11, 2-5)

Last week: 1-1 record
Last rank: 11

North Texas is 1-3 over their past four, with losses to Charlotte, ODU and Southern Miss, but they beat Louisiana Tech. That makes sense. Tops play their old Sun Belt friends next week.

UTSA Roadrunners (9-9, 3-4)

Last week: 1-1 record
Last rank: 8

UTSA can play with anyone, and we knew that coming into the nine-point loss to the Tops, but there’s just something that they’re missing. If they can fill that whole, they’ll probably be the top team in Texas. 

FAU Owls (8-8, 1-4)

Last week: DNP
Last rank: 12

FAU, just like their other Florida counterpart, had an off week.

Southern Miss Golden Eagles (5-11, 0-5)

Last week: 1-1 record
Last rank: 13

Southern Miss beat North Texas for their first conference win, and face Marshall and the Tops this week. I’m real interested in that Thursday matchup.

Marshall Thundering Herd (4-14, 0-5)

Last week: 1-1 record
Last rank: 14


Now, its your turn! How would you rank the conference after its second week of conference play? Let us know in a comment below or on twitter @WaveTheRedTowel.