Five way too early predictions for WKU Football in 2015


he college football off-season is officially in its second day, and many people – myself included – can’t wait for the 2015 season to come around and kickoff. And, while the 2014 season isn’t one anyone around WKU football will want to forget soon, there is plenty of reasons to be optimistic and excited for 2015.

With that in mind, I take a look into my Big Red crystal ball and make five way too early predictions for what the 2015 season will hold for WKU.

  1. The Hilltoppers will defeat Vandy, Indiana and Miami (OH) en route to a 10-win season.
    The Tops easily could have had at least 10 wins this year, but you know, that defense was awesome. Well, the best news for WKU is Brandon Doughty is going nowhere, the offense is only going to get better as they lose just one main weapon. All of these will not only equal success, but will equal the best record in WKU’s FBS history, and will mark the first FBS 10 win season for the school. Get pumped.
  2. Brandon Doughty will actually be in Heisman contention.
    I don’t think he’ll get an invite to New York, but with the Tops’ winning more games (see: above), Doughty will get a bit more notice, especially with the non-conference slate lined up for WKU. By the end of next season, people are going to know his name, and he might even slip into a late round of the NFL Draft. But, that’s all I’ll say. I’m already getting ahead of myself. If that’s even possible in a “way too early” piece.
  3. Nacarius Fant will become the receiver we all thought he would out of high school.
    If George Fant is Bowling Green’s favorite son, then Nacarius Fant will be Bowling Green’s favorite…well, while I leave the task of assigning that title to you, what I will say is Fant will have himself a breakout sophomore year. Joel German  and Willie McNeal are the only graduating Toppers (which is scary to think about), and while there are a plethora of young guys, it’ll be Fant who emerges and becomes the sixth receiver early in the year. The sky very well could be the limit for him by the end of his career, but he’ll be, at highest, the fourth option for Doughty by the end of the year.
  4. The defense will get better.
    They won’t be good, per se, but they’ll be better. The days of blowing a 14 or 21 point lead are behind us. Will things get uncomfortably close? Yes. Will teams come within a point on a hook-n-ladder with no time left? You bet. Will the days of seeing a 14 or 21 point lead completely disappear continue? No.
  5. The Hilltoppers will represent the Eastern Division in the Conference USA Championship Game.
    That didn’t take long, did it? Two years into the conference, and the Tops are already a championship caliber football team. That game against Jeff Driskel and LA Tech will be interesting. Veeeeeery interesting.

While some of those may be a bit far fetched, it’s fun to dream. Now, I ask you – do you have any way-too-early predictions for the 2015 WKU football squad? Let us know in a comment below or on twitter, @WaveTheRedTowel.