WKU Basketball Game Grades: Where was the bench?


Welcome to a new segment I’ve been wanting to start for a while, but am now getting to it. After each WKU basketball game (and maybe other sports – who knows how far we’ll extend it?), you can come here the morning after each game for a breakdown of key players and ultimately, a grade for the team. The Tops are 2-0 to begin their Conference USA tenure with a 74-66 victory over Charlotte and got a lot of help from the starters. A lot. I’ll explain below.

A. Not that he’s ever <em>not </em>been reliable, but it seems each and every game, the Tops go as <a href=. G. WKU Hilltoppers. T.J. PRICE

WKU Hilltoppers. GEORGE FANT. A. Many WKU fans don’t want to hear it, especially since he’s the hometown guy and all, but <strong><a href=. F

F. WKU Hilltoppers. JUSTIN JOHNSON. C+. <strong><a href=

WKU BENCH. F. What in the world was wrong with the bench last night? The aforementioned Johnson was the only person to come off the bench to contribute any points, <strong><a href=. 3 total points. WKU Hilltoppers

How would you have graded the players above? Let us know in a comment below or on twitter @WaveTheRedTowel.

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