#ProToppers Primer: NFL regular season comes to a close


Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! Last week we promised to start keeping up with our ProToppers again, and we didn’t do that very well. But, today, that changes (we promise this time) as we’ll tell you about one of our NBA ProTops and, in preparation for Week 17 in the NFL schedule, all of our football ProToppers for one last time.

7:00, FedEx Fourm. COURTNEY LEE. MEM. <strong><a href=. vs. Houston Rockets

Up until this last month, we had done so well of getting these done weekly. Oh well. Here is, for the last time in 2014, the full roster of NFL ProToppers.

IND. . at Tennessee Titans. Sunday 12:00. JACK DOYLE

IND. In case you haven’t heard, <strong><a href=. at Tennessee Titans. Sunday 12:00. ANDREW JACKSON

<strong><a href=. vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Sunday 12:00 p.m.. BOBBY RAINEY. TB

OAK. The Raiders haven’t won on the road. The Broncos haven’t lost at home. This doesn’t bode well for <strong><a href=. at Denver Broncos. Sunday 3:25. JONATHAN DOWLING

DEN. <strong><a href=. vs. Oakland Raiders. Sunday 3:25. QUANTERUS SMITH

TEN. Its been a rather interesting year for <strong><a href=. vs. Indianapolis Colts. Sunday 12:00 p.m.. ANTONIO ANDREWS