How should a Hilltoppers fan feel after winning the Bahamas Bowl?


The Hilltoppers have an FBS bowl victory to their credit, but it sure as crap didn’t come easily. A game that was 42-14 at halftime should have had a lot easier, less near-heartbreaking ending, but alas, the second half Hilltopper squad we all know and love made things wayyyyy to interesting, and put their mark in history for the inaugural Bahamas Bowl not as the first team to ever win it, but the team who nearly blew a 35 point lead.

I mean, come on. Holy cow was that insane. I don’t know if you remember how you were feeling, but I certainly remember how I was when the Chippewas were unsuccessful in their two-point conversion try to end the game.

Every comment I’ve received from someone I know who isn’t a WKU fan, be it at the Christmas Eve service I attended after the game or with my extended family yesterday at Christmas, wasn’t “great game by the Toppers,” or “what a win for the Toppers!” but “how’d you feel about that game?” Its reliving the torture all over again.


Okay, while that isn’t true, one thing is. I still honestly have no idea how to feel, or even how I do feel, about the Tops win. So, I’ve come up with some things you might be feeling and you can choose from there.

For goodness sake, this was Hilltopper history we witnessed two days ago. Don’t forget, this was arguably the worst program in the entire nation its first two years at the official FBS level, winning just four games from 2008-2010. Since then however, the Tops have been one of the most consistently winning teams in college football, have been bowl eligible four straight years, have two straight years of eight wins (which, by the way, wouldn’t have happened if CMU had completed their comeback) and things are looking really good for 2015 and beyond. And, come on, how awesome was that first half? And really, the third quarter wasn’t bad, especially defensively. It was just a freak final 15 minutes. I truly believe it could have happened to anyone, but the Hilltoppers are simply “the team,” that it would have happened to. The Tops are bowl champions – let that sink in, then decide if you’re happy. Most likely, you’re in this category.

This is an acceptable emotion to feel, although I’m not sure exactly where the blame, er, targeting of the disappointment (that makes sense, right?) will lie. But, nearly blowing a 35 point lead is simply incredible and ridiculous. At one point this season, nearly every loss to WKU’s credit came after the Tops had a 10-point (or greater) lead. Three of the last four games, and three of the last four quarters of the season, saw the defense play pretty stellar. The outliers, of course, were pretty extreme – 66 points to Marshall (granted, they were heavily favored and nationally ranked) and of course the 34 to close the game Wednesday. I think we all feel this – even though we shouldn’t. MCB even warned us. He’s some sort of sorcerer I think.

“We shouldn’t have won”
Yes, I partially agree wholeheartedly. However, that first half was outstanding. I feel like I can’t say that enough. Its a weird double standard here – the Tops played better for more of the game than they played poorly, but good gosh was their poor play atrocious. I guess the ESPN crew had it right when they said WKU deserved the win because they had lead the whole game.

“We should have let them win”
Oh, come on now. You and I both know how crazy WKU fans are. (Not you. No way. You’re reading us! Only the smart Hilltopper fans read us.) They’d be calling for Brohm’s head. They’d be calling for Holt’s head (which still is happening). They’d be cursing the fact Brandon Doughty is coming back for a sixth year. They’d be throwing away all of this year and all of next year in one swoop. You know how they get. Also – do you really want that over the history of WKU? Its already going to be the ridicule of opposing fanbases week in and week out, but it’d be even worse if they had actually won. If you’re feeling this, don’t kid yourself. Read any of the above and change your mind. Please.

So, all things considered, I think happiness and the Hilltoppers’ win is the best outcome! What feeling were you experiencing at the end of Wednesday’s game? What feeling do you have now? Let us know in a comment below or on twitter @WaveTheRedTowel.

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