An Open Letter To Hilltoppers Fans: Please Keep It Up


Dear Western Kentucky fans, one and all,

The display you put on yesterday by filling up Diddle Arena – the third largest crowd since renovations in the early 2000’s – was awesome. I saw tweets that said the players were looking around almost in awe at the fact that the place was so packed and energized. It was so awesome to see and hear the place erupt whenever a big three was hit to bring WKU within striking distance of the Cardinals. Even if the game didn’t result in a win, you saw how hard this team worked and how bad they wanted to give you a win, and if you ask me, they did a pretty darn good job against the fourth best team in the nation.

But, its a little bit of give and take. The Tops have given you a great performance and a lot to look forward to before the conference schedule begins. Now, you have to do your part.

Fill up Diddle Arena. Every night. Every game.

There’s no reason Diddle shouldn’t be filled. Any time the Tops are featured on a national broadcast (it was talked about just yesterday, in fact), the tradition of winning and love of the program is brought up. Fortunately, it could have been backed  up yesterday with the standing room only crowd. However, more often than not – almost too often – it can’t necessarily be backed up. Its no secret that a majority of WKU fans, even students, are also fans of Louisville and Kentucky, and might even prefer the Cards or Cats to the Tops. And that’s fine. You’re wrong, but that’s fine.

Even so, if you’re on campus or in Bowling Green, why not go to the games? You saw yesterday how much the players enjoyed playing in front of such a ruckus crowd, and how well they played because of it. Name a great program – any great program, in any sport – and they all have one thing in common; fan support. The Hilltoppers are one of the few that, quite frankly, don’t have the support that it should.

Yes, I know its Winter Break for Western students, and I myself am back home in Atlanta until the second semester begins. But I’ll tell you one thing – I’m at every game when I’m in the Bluegrass.

In my three and a half years going to games, I’ve seen a number of memorable moments; T.J. Price nailing the corner three to beat FAU. The Tops knocking off the MTBR’s to spur their magical run to the NCAA tournament. Can you say the same?

All I’m saying is this – its more fun to be in Diddle when its rocking, and I guarantee you anyone on the team will say its more fun playing in said environment as well. And, if you’re still not coming to the games, all I ask is this – why not?

Hope to see you guys once the semester starts, and please please please keep up what you did yesterday. It was super cool.

Fletcher Keel