Fight breaks out between WKU and Louisville


With about 30 second left to play in the first half, things got interesting between WKU and Louisville.

Avery Patterson went to dive for a loose ball, and coming into the play to help out for the Cards was Montrez Harrell. That’s when things got interesting.

Yeah. Craziness ensued. The brawl had to be broken up, and then what transpired was a long conversation between the officials to determine if Harrell should be ejected. He seemed to go for a punch against Patterson but right at the last possible moment thought better of the decision. In real time, it appeared the official got hit with a punch, but it actually turned out to be his elbow got hit in the skirmish.

So, the officials had to talk about many things – who the foul will be called on, should Harrell be ejected, etc. Well, when it was all said and done, Ray Harper and Rick Pitino were brought in to talk things over. Pitino was told Harrell would be leaving, and lost it. Then, both of the benches nearly cleared for another fight…OF COACHES.

Holy crap this has been something. Here’s your halftime score:

Its been an interesting line up on the floor who have brought the Tops back into this game – Patterson, Justin Johnson, DJ Clayton, Alex Rostov and T.J. Price. There are no double figure scorers for the Tops, but Harrell is out for the second half. Hang on, things are just getting interesting and are sure to get even better.