An Open Letter To UAB Fans


Dear UAB football fans,

Please, do not see my writing this as insult to injury. But, rather, a call to arms of sorts of support. The Blazers were denied a bowl game (which, in my mind, was the opposite wrong thing to do) which means UAB football is no more.

I know the heartbreak that comes with losing a team. I’m not trying to compare the pain, but merely, saying that I too know what it’s like to have one of your favorite teams, maybe even your absolute favorite team, be taken from you. I’m from Atlanta, Georgia but grew up a huge hockey fan, and therefore was an Atlanta Thrasher fanatic. But, of course, my love and devotion for them came to an end when the left the city for Winnipeg.

The situations are actually very similar – the Thrashers had ownership that truly did not care for the sport or to try and keep the team in the city. The Blazers’ football program wasn’t welcomed to the University of Alabama system in the first place and eventually, the Board of Trustees won.

However, there is one major difference between the Thrashers and the Blazers.

While I can’t show continued support for them (well, I can, but its either in the form of becoming a Winnipeg Jets fan or wearing old Thrashers’ garb, which I do), you still can.

The football team is gone, but there is still an athletics program. And that’s fantastic.

Go to basketball games. Go to baseball games. Hell, go to softball, volleyball and soccer games. Show UAB and the Alabama BOT’s that they were wrong to take a program away from such a ravage fan base. Find a new found love for any and all athletics at UAB. Become the most ruckus environment not just in Conference USA, but in all of college athletics.

If UAB is anything like it is at WKU, there’s support sure, but more support for instate teams. Quit wearing Alabama gear. Quit wearing Auburn gear. Wear your green and gold, loudly and proudly, day in and day out.

Finally, never let your voice stop being heard. You love the Blazers, and they love you. No matter the sport, from this day forth, treat them like they’re the greatest.

Go Blazers,
Fletcher Keel.