Red Towel Roundtable: Key Hilltoppers victories

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Nov 28, 2014; Huntington, WV, USA; Western Kentucky Hiltoppers running back Leon Allen (33) and Tight end Tyler Higbee (82) celebrate against the Marshall Thundering Herd during the first half at Joan C. Edwards Stadium. Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Browning: Personally, I would rank this numero uno in my book of games for the Hilltoppers in FBS history. For starters, this was WKU’s first ranked opponent win, and the fact that it came on the road, against an undefeated squad is just phenomenal. Not to mention the records that were broken throughout the game.

Such as Brandon Doughty now holding the highest amount of TDs thrown in Joan C. Edwards stadium. Plus, the fact that the game was won on a 2-point conversion, in overtime, just doesn’t get any better. I’m starting to believe that WKU is just the master of 2-point conversions in high precise situations.

You have a Hilltopper team that was basically written off to lose straight from the get-go (I wouldn’t have bet a dollar WKU would win), and then the team comes in and knocks off the undefeated team on their own turf just makes it so sweet. Not to mention the hostility before the all was even kicked off.

This game to me feels like the birth of a new rivalry that will be so much fun to watch for years to come, ranking this victory the number one game for WKU in their respective FBS history.

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