Hilltoppers vs. Belmont live blog


Well folks it is about time to tip-off here in Diddle Arena for Game 3 of the Hilltopper’s 2014-15 campaign. This time around the Tops host the Belmont Bruins from Nashville. The Tops look to rout the Bruins, but they will have to keep Tayor Barnette in check as the sophomore is current averaging 19.3 points per outing, as well as shooting 70% from the floor as well as 68% from behind the arc. Things are about to get started so stay tuned with us here at WTRT.

The starting line-ups feature:


G: Trency Jackson

F: Ben Lawson

F: George Fant

G: Chris Harrison-Docks

G: T.J. Price


G: Taylor Barnette

F: Nick Smith

F: Evan Bradds

G: Reece Chamberlain

G: Craig Bradshaw


Sorry for the lack of coverage folks, we have had some technical difficulties! There is currently 2 minutes remaining in the half, and the Tops lead the Bruins 34-26.

Well we have made it to halftime and WKU leads Belmont 37 to 26. Summary of the first half? Slam dunks by the big men and sharp shooting from CHD and Sir T.J. Price. Price is leading all scorers with 12 points, while CHD is right behind him with 11. The big statement from the first half though has to be centered around the…center…Ben Lawson. Lawson is currently 3-3 from the floor, each of those coming from huge dunks that was probably felt from outside the arena. His other totals include 2 assists, one block, and one turnover. Stats can only say a certain amount though, Lawson has done a phenomenal job throughout the half. He has provided a huge post presence against a significantly smaller Belmont squad.

As for the rest of the rest of the 1st half analysis, the Hilltoppers started off with a bang, then went through a slump where they went a terrible 2-8 from the floor, and relinquished the lead to the bruins for a short while. Then came the 3-ball shooting and dunks from Lawson that sent the Tops on the surge to hold the Halftime lead. The Hilltoppers ended the first half on a high note and if they continue to keep up a fast paced game then I believe the Bruins will grow weary as the minutes come to a close.

15:58; WKU 47, Belmont 35: The 2nd half has been controlled mainly by the Hilltoppers, but Bruin Evan Bradds is wanting to take control of the game as he has already tallied 9 points in the half, and has a total of 17 for the game. WKU looked a little fatigued, but didn’t show any signs of loosening up as they continue to maintain control.

10:40; WKU 53, Belmont 40: There were a few questionable calls during this stretch, including a blocking foul on Justin Johnson. CHD has made some bad decisions when controlling the ball, but overall the Tops still look good as far as composure goes.

7:42; WKU 53, Belmont 42: Just terrible, both squads look completely dazed and unable to do anything offensively. The Tops did have good composure, but looked just out of focus through that last stretch. The Bruins still have enough time to come back and make this a even closer game. WKU will have to finish this one out with strength as Belmont has enough potency to secure a nice run.

3:24; WKU 58, Belmont 49: The Bruins are trying every way they can to claw back into this one, they have had multiple close shots that looked like they were going in. All I’m saying is WKU is lucky to be up by 9 right now. This one isn’t over yet, folks.

2:33; WKU 60, Belmont 54: The Bruins are taking advantage of a very sloppy WKU defense, and now this game is too close for comfort.

1:16; WKU 60, Belmont 60:  Well folks I hate to say it, but I was right. The shots have fallen for Belmont, and WKU can’t do a thing. Belmont deserves to win this ball game.

Belmont at the line, sinks the first, and misses the 2nd. Belmont one point lead, under 30 to go.

T.J. Price makes the basket, and one, 21.4 seconds to go. Two point ball game.

12.2 to go. Belmont with the ice cold 3, Bruins lead by one. Diddle is insanely loud.

Final: Belmont 64, WKU 63: The Tops fall at home, but only have themselves to blame. The Bruins wanted it more in the end. When a WKU team is unorganized and not focused, you lose ball games. I will have final stats and press conference quotes to follow.

Press Conference:

T.J. Price: “We need to get stops when we are supposed to.”

“I didn’t get tired…it didn’t bother me.” (On playing the entire game)

“We lost, its over with, we have to get back in the gym.”

Ben Lawson: “I didn’t they expected it” (On his performance tonight)

“I’ve got to step it up.”

“We have to but it behind us, and we have to play the whole time.”

Coach Harper: “We gave them opportunities. They are a very smart and disciplined basketball team.”

“You’re not going to win shooting 33% from the FT line.”

“We are going to play him, he has to get stronger with the ball, he played well. I think he will continue to play well as the season goes on.” (Talking on Ben Lawson’s performance)

“He needs to take care of the ball more, but overall I thought he was good.”  (On CHD’s performance)

“The game was in our grasp, we just didn’t get take it.”

“Not sure if I can comment on officials, but I would like to have seen us at the free throw line.” (On the final shot of the game at the buzzer)