Has DJ Clayton made the decision to redshirt easier?


Reports began circulating last night that WKU freshman guard DJ Clayton had been issued a citation by WKU police during a routine traffic stop. Well, as Zach Greenwell confirmed today, the reports were true, and he tweeted out all the happenings around the incident.

Nothing too terribly out of the ordinary here, and there really didn’t need to be. There’s even been a court date set up for Clayton.

This is where things get interesting. Clayton didn’t play in the exhibition against Pikeville, and after the fact on Monday, coach Ray Harper said if he can get consistent efforts from Nigel Snipes, who had five points and a rebound in 14 minutes of floor time (although, the eye test says he played much better than his statline), he might choose to redshirt one of the four freshman to this years roster. With Clayton most likely unable to make the New York trip in November (unless, of course, Warren County changes the date for him to make the trip), and an already jammed guard position (Kevin Kaspar, Chris Harrison-Docks, Avery Patterson, who saw 15 minutes of action in his first college game, T.J. Price, Trency Jackson, Brandon Price and Ayinde Sprewell) it leads me to believe that, if Harper is true to his word, Clayton might be the odd man out.

Of course, a lot can happen between now and the NYC trip, and we have a handful of games that might call for Clayton to take the floor. Only time will tell.

Do you think Harper should use the redshirt in the first place? Who do you think should be redshirted? Let us know below in a comment on twitter @WaveTheRedTowel.