ProToppers Primer: Bobby Rainey hopes for another big game against Falcons


BYE. JACK DOYLE. IND. . vs. Houston Texans

IND. <a href=. vs. Houston Texans. BYE. ANDREW JACKSON

<a href=. vs. Atlanta Falcons. Sun. 12:00. BOBBY RAINEY. TB

OAK. <a href=. vs. Denver Broncos. Sun. 3:05. JONATHAN DOWLING

DEN. Q Smith was a busy man last week in the game of the week, recording a solo tackle and deflecting a ball (the only player for Denver to do <strong>both </strong>of those things) in the loss against New England. Luckily, Smith wont have to tackle his former Topper teammate, but it would be awesome if he did, cause that means JDowl would have gotten himself an interception. It’s fun to dream.. vs. Oakland Raiders. Sun. 3:05. QUANTERUS SMITH

TEN. I totally understand the fanfare of <strong><a href=. vs. Baltimore Ravens. Sun, 12:00. ANTONIO ANDREWS