Hilltoppers vs. Louisiana Tech staff predictions


It’s gameday, and you know what that means! Staff prediction time!! Bravo to Will for climbing above .500 on the season last week, and props to Marcus for correctly predicting a game for the first time this season!

Fletcher Keel, editor (1-6) – Coming into today’s game, the story has been WKU’s potent offense versus the Bulldog’s stingy defense. Well, come game time, I believe the keys to the game will be the reverse. If Brohm, Holt and the rest of the defensive signal can’t find a way to stop Cody Sokol and Kenneth Dixon, especially that deadly WKU defensive second half, it’ll be a Hilltoppers loss. However, something in me just can’t pull against this team, and I want to believe that they can pull the upset. You see my record this year – obviously, my heart is going before my head a lot this year – but I think that pick-six to seal the ODU game…that and actually sealing the deal against ODU…will give WKU what they need to win this one. The Tops have more riding on just about every game for the rest of the year. Give me the Brohm Squad, 56-45.

Marcus Browning, staff writer (1-6) – Tops lit up the score board against ODU as Brandon Doughty threw five touchdowns and only three incompletions! Along with BD12’s performance, the defense made enough plays at the end of the game to propel the Hilltoppers to a 66-51 victory. Brohm was ecstatic that his defense was able to make a little noise and pressure the offense. However, he commented on how his defense is a makeshift unit that is a bend and brake team, but hopefully the offense can produce at a high enough level that they can win a shoutout. For LA Tech, their offense is a high flying affair and can score on the run. Their defense is one of the strongest in CUSA. I can’t see WKU getting out of this. Tops drop this 47-31.

William Puckett, staff writer (4-3) – The Western offense produced like nothing we’ve seen last week. On that side of the ball, I don’t see anyone being able to stop them and their scheme. However, we all know the thing holding this Hilltopper team back is their defense. LA Tech has a really good quarterback, with enough pieces around him to give this Western squad serious fits. WKU did some really good things last week in their win against ODU, and we can only hope they will continue them, however, the Tops just can’t…don’t…pressure the QB consistently enough to make something happen. The Tops will drop this game to Louisiana Tech 45-41.

Wally Hughes, staff writer (1-3) – Louisiana Tech will be the best defense the Hilltoppers have seen all year. However, while I believe the Tech defense will slow down WKU’s passing attack, I’m not worried about the Toppers putting enough points on the board. WKU will score over 30 points and probably jump out to an early lead, as they have in every other game this year. My worries stem from Tech’s balanced offense, and WKU’s inability to put together a solid defensive effort for an entire game. The one-two punch of Sokol and Dixon worries me, and so I’m predicting a second half comeback from the Bulldogs, as the Toppers lose this one 35-31. The offense will once again do enough to win the game, but the defense will be unable to get off the field and keep Tech out of the endzone.

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