Hilltoppers vs. Louisiana Tech Live Blog – Final, 10-59


Welcome back to yet another WTRT live blog! Today, the Hilltoppers are looking to hand Louisiana Tech their first conference loss of 2014, and looking to win not only their second game in a row, but second ever Conference USA game ever. So, sit back, relax, follow us on twtiter (@WaveTheRedTowel) and refresh the page every so often for updates!

Coin Toss
Louisiana Tech wins the toss, and wants to see what the Brohm Squad can do. Let’s goooooo, Toppas!

14:56, 0-0
Taywan Taylor returns the kickoff to the…ten. Hopefully it wont be that type of day.

14:37, 0-0
Ace Wales gets the start in the backfield, and goes 47 yards down the far sideline on the first play of scrimmage. I can dig it.

13:50, 0-0
The Bulldogs bring pressure for the first time today, Doughty softly lobs a pass to Mitchell Henry, but Adairius Barnes picks it off. 1st & 10 from the LT 26. Wooo…

12:14, 7-0 Louisiana Tech – Kenneth Dixon 48 yard TD rush
Dixon takes the handoff, puts his head down, and runs through the…well, I would say tackles, but that’s not an apt word with this WKU defense. Just a horrendous start for the Tops.

Scoring Summary: 5 plays, 74 yards, 1:31. Dixon 48 yard run

12:13, 7-0 LA Tech
Taylor gets the kickoff again, and it goes slightly better that the first time. Tops to begin the drive, down seven, at their own 11.

11:23, 7-0 LA Tech
Hilltoppers go three and out. Is it the fourth quarter yet?

9:07, 7-0 LA Tech
Trent Taylor catches a, what is called a first down, pass, but the spot was wayyyyy generous, and the spot is being reviewed. Will most likely come back several yards, negating the LT first down. Also – the defense is making solid contact, and doing a decent job in stopping Dixon early – not including the 48 yard TD run, of course.

8:26, 7-0 LA Tech
Make sure you’re sitting down for this one – the Tops stopped someone on third down. Crazy, I know. The Bulldogs line up to go for it on fourth, but LT calls timeout to talk it over. No way they don’t go for it, right?

8:24, 7-0 LA Tech
Cody Sokol is denied the first down on the QB sneak, and the defense actually makes a huge early-game play. So, the offense is back at it.

7:30, 7-0 LA Tech
Well, the Tops had a chance to come back into this game, but a suuuuper quick 3 & Out gives the Dogs the ball back. Booooo.

5:00, 7-0 LA Tech
Daeshawn Bertram picks off Sokol, but early contact was initiated on the receiver by the defensive back. But, luckily, no flag is thrown, and the Tops defense stands tall yet again. Wow.

4:00, 7-0 LA Tech
Another quick 3 & Out for the WKU defense, and get nothing off the Bulldogs turnover. The ‘Dogs blitz, but the D-Line picked it up fairly well. Doughty just couldn’t pull the trigger.

2:40, 10-0 LA Tech
For the first time in seemingly a month, the opposing team doesn’t go for it on fourth down against the Tops. A 51-yard field goal is hit by Kyle Fischer, but a moral victory for the Tops following the defense showing up with the short field.

Scoring Summary: 4 plays, 1 yard, 1:o1. Fischer 51-yard field goal.

00:00, 10-7 LA Tech – Taywan Taylor 46-yard TD reception
Doughty lobs a pass to Taylor on the sideline, and he slips past one defender and outruns another one. Tops are, somehow in this game.

Scoring Summary: 6 plays, 94 yards, 2:40. Taylor 46-yard TD reception


1st Quarter thoughts: The defense is playing surprisingly well, and that last drive of the quarter was the first time the offense seemed to click. Sokol and Dixon have been kept in check – for the most part – and somehow, the Hilltoppers are not out of this game. Let’s see what the second quarter has to offer.

2nd Quarter

14:47, 14-7 LA Tech – Carlos Henderson 96 yard touchdown return
So Henderson kills all the Toppers momentum, and runs the kickoff 96 yards for a score. But, it looks like he stepped out of bounds. Hopefully the officials don’t screw this up…

Well, the play stands. And it’s the wrong call. Because of course it is.

14:40, 14-7 LA Tech
Tops to begin after the bogus touchdown from their own 35

13:53, 14-7 LA Tech
Doughty throws another pick, and it just gets worse for the Tops. Louisiana Tech once again brought pressure.

13:42, 14-7 LA Tech
Well we have ourselves an interesting ballgame. Dixon fumbles the ball and the Tops fall on top of it. I have no idea what I’m watching, but I think I like it.

9:44, 24-7 LA Tech – Trent Taylor 7 yard TD reception
The Bulldogs move down the field like we are used to seeing opposing defenses do, and no defensive presence in the back of the endzone leads to another Bulldogs score.

Scoring Summary: 6 plays, 84 yards, 2:40. Taylor 7 yard TD reception

8:35, 24-7 LA Tech
The Tops kind of move the ball, but still give it back to Louisiana Tech fairly quickly. Another Bulldogs drive forthcoming.

8:01, 24-7 LA Tech
The Tops force a three and out, as Sokol can’t connect with his receivers on three straight plays. Neither QB can get much going here.

6:25, 24-7 LA Tech
Doughty converts on 3rd and long with Joel German, for the Tops first 3rd down conversion of the game.

4:15, 24-10 LA Tech – Garrett Schwettman 31-yard field goal
The Tops move the ball solidly, but don’t stick with the run enough to my liking. They settle for a field goal, which is better than nothing at all, right?

Scoring Summary: 11 plays, 54 yards, 3:48. Schwettman 31-yard field goal.

:37, 31-10 LA Tech – Trent Taylor 19 yard TD reception
Well, you can thank the officials for this one. A phantom pass interference penalty was called, on a pass that was thrown 10 yards out of bounds none the less, gives LA Tech great field position, and they punch it in. This has been a horrendous first half.

Scoring Summary: 8 plays, 79 yards, 3:38. Taylor 19-yard TD reception.


1st Half thoughts: The Tops defense is, actually, not playing bad. 31 points is ugly, yes, but one score of 48 yards and another special teams touchdown greatly contributes to that. The real story of the night is how bad the offense has been. The running game is doing good things, but the problem is the play calling – for whatever reason – is relying on the passing game, and Doughty has not been sharp. The defense is keeping Kenneth Dixon in check and, again, playing solidly, but the Toppers need to step it up offensively. When’s the last time you heard anyone say that?

2nd Half:

14:55, 31-1o LA Tech
The Tops’ special teams does a good job on the kickoff, making LT begin the half form their own 14 yard line.

11:40, 38-10 LA Tech – Kenneth Dixon 18-yard TD reception
Everything the Tops did well in the first half was not on display just now. It’s capped off by a short pass and run to Dixon, in which he went into the endzone untouched. Mr. Chad called it the “easiest drive” he’s ever seen. This is just getting bad.

Scoring Summary: 10 plays, 86 yards, 3:20. Dixon 18-yard TD reception.

11:32, 38-10 LA Tech
The Tops flipping fumble the football on the kickoff following the Dixon score, and the Dogs are set up inside the redzone. Oh. My. Gosh.

8:47, 45-10 LA Tech – Trent Taylor 9-yard TD reception
Louisiana Tech takes full advantage of the Tops’ fumble inside the 20, and punches it into the endzone. Trent Taylor’s 3rd score today.

Scoring Summary: 5 plays, 19 yards, 2:51. Taylor 9-yard TD reception.

6:51, 45-10 LA Tech
Doughty throws yet another interception. But, the amazing thing, is Liggins picked it off then PITCHED IT TO WOODS who ran it back for a solid return. It’s that type of game.

5:30, 45-10 LA Tech
The Tops get a freebie, as Sokol losses the ball on what, technically, should be an incomplete pass, but I guess with a 45-10 game, neither the officials or the LT coaching staff cares much.

4:54, 45-10 LA Tech
Doughty interception. Because why not. 4 picks on the day for him.

4:12, 52-10 LA Tech – Paul Turner 11 yard TD reception
This speaks for itself. And we have another 19 minutes to play.

Scoring Summary: 2 plays, 25 yards, 42 seconds. Turner 11 yard TD reception


3rd Quarter thoughts: The Tops kind of shot themselves in the foot by fumbling the kickoff in the second half and allowed 14 points in the span of 60 seconds. They’ve yet to score in the second half. This is the worst game I’m pretty sure I’ve seen since following the Tops. They played Alabama and LSU better than this.

4th Quarter

14:09, 59-10 LA Tech – Cody Sokol 3-yard TD rush
Sokol adds a rushing TD to his career high 5 passing ones, and the entire WKU defense bit on the play fake, leaving the near side of the field wide open. Who wants to start talking UTEP?

Scoring Summary: 9 plays, 62 yards, 3:28. Sokol 3-yard TD rush