Towel Talk: Xan Nikchevich on Courtney Lee


Tonight marks the beginning of the 2014/15 NBA season, and as you well know, we have two ProToppers who currently play in the Association. Jeremy Evans is holding down the fort out in Utah with the Jazz, and Courtney Lee is looking to have a successful year in his first full year with the Memphis Grizzlies, after being traded to Memphis from the Boston Celtics before the turn of the calender from 2013 to 2014 last season.

We reached out to the editor of Fansided’s Grizzlies site, Beale Street Bears, Xan Nikchevich, to ask him a couple of questions about what we can expect from Lee this season.

Wave the Red Towel: How exactly did the trade with Boston to acquire Courtney unfold. It seemed kind of sudden.
Xan Nikchevich: The Lee traded was made for a couple of reasons.  One being that the Grizzlies needed perimeter shooting at shooting guard.  Tony Allen has little to no perimeter game, so Lee seemed to be a good fit.  The Grizzlies also felt that they could afford to lose Jarryd Bayless because his production had dropped off since Dave Joerger took over as coach of the Grizzlies.

WTRT: Before we go any further – Lee isn’t expected to be moved anytime soon, is he?
XK: No, I don’t believe Lee will be traded, barring some major change within the organization.  Lee is a good fit on the Grizzlies, he just shouldn’t be taking on 30 minutes a game.  He’s a very good complimentary player, as he can both defend and score.  Lee is signed through the ’15-’16 season, and he should remain in Memphis at least until then.

WTRT: What did Lee bring to the Grizz last year? Was it what was expected of him?
XK: Lee more or less did what was expected of him.  He worked his way into the starting rotation because of injuries to other players, and he was solid as a replacement.  Lee isn’t necessarily a full-time starter, but he is a player that any team would love to have.  He fills his role of being a solid perimeter defender and shooter very well.  Lee should continue to be productive this year.

WTRT: What is it he brings to the squad?
Lee also seems to be a good teammate, which fits in well with this Memphis roster.  The Grizzlies have great chemistry and Lee is a strong contributor.

WTRT: Why should Tops fans be excited to follow him and the Grizz in 2014-15?
Courtney Lee is a very solid shooting guard on a team that’s going to contend in the West.  If you enjoy team basketball and top-tier defense, then watch some Grizzlies’ games.  Lee is definitely a factor and any WKU fan should really enjoy seeing him play.

Thanks to Xan for answering our questions, and we can’t wait to see what he, and the rest of his team, have to say about Courtney during the upcoming season.

Will you be watching Lee and the Grizzlies this year? What are you wanting to see out of him? Could he potentially punch his ticket to the NBA All-Star game? Let us know your thoughts on twitter or in a comment below!