Hilltoppers vs. Old Dominion staff picks


That time of the week is here! Your and my favorite time of the week, when our WTRT staff gives their opinion on how today will shape up for the Hilltoppers.

Fletcher Keel, editor (1-5) – I’m going to reiterate a lot of what the rest of the staff will; this Hilltopper defense can’t stop anyone. The most unsettling thing about this fact is that the Tops coaching staff is making adjustments, they told us that after practices this week. The problem lies in executing the adjustments, and if you can’t execute, why even bother adjusting? Taylor Heinicke is a monster running the ODU offense, and they have three guys with over 400 yards receiving and two 500+ yard rushers in the backfield. The Tops have weapons, yes, but they don’t have the defensive talent to stop the Monarchs. The one good  thing I can think of that might point to a Tops win is that the Monarchs have only scored 15.5 second half points this year, but that still might not be enough. I’m going ODU, 49-35.

Marcus Browning, staff writer (0-6) – Old Dominion is currently on a 3-game skid in conference play, and their only win comes against Rice by three points. The Monarchs have a lot of experience on their roster which means this team can play away from home and win. Quarterback Heinicke is a great passer, who has an arsenal of wide receivers to target, and with a Hilltopper team that has faulted majorly in that area, then I can see Heinicke possibly having a field day with the WKU defense. I think today’s game will be points heavy as both offensive squads can move the ball with efficiency. At the end of the day, I think the home field advantage may prove somewhat beneficial with WKU having parents weekend, and a larger than normal crowd on hand. I think WKU will secure a win by a very slim margin.

Will Puckett, staff writer (3-3) – The Hilltoppers desperately need a win and this week is the key opportunity to get back on track. WKU will play in front of their home crowd for only the third time this season, where currently they stand at 1-1 at Smith Stadium on the year. Every week, we sit here and predict that the Western defense will finally rise to the occasion and make the adjustments it takes to win the game. Unfortunately, Tops fans, I think we need to settle down and get ready for a long year because so far we haven’t seen that turn around at all. Old Dominion’s QB won the Heisman equivalent at the FCS level last year and can do a lot of damage through the air; one thing WKU can’t prevent. I think the offense will be able to produce like normal but the defense doesn’t hold them off. WKU will win, but by a slim margin of 45-41.

Wally Hughes, staff writer (1-2) – Each week, I predict a win for the Toppers in a game they should win. And each week they let me down, jumping out to an early double-digit lead, only to squander it in the second half. This week, WKU faces an Old Dominion team with a very good offense led by arguably the conference’s best quarterback. At this point,  I have no faith in the Topper defense to contain a player of Heinicke’s stature, so I’m predicting a loss. It will be a shootout, but I’m predicting a 49-45 Monarch win. Sorry Hilltopper fans,  I hope I am wrong.

How do you see this afternoon shaping up? Let us know below in a comment or on twitter @WaveTheRedTowel.