Hilltoppers vs. Old Dominion live blog: 4th Quarter: 63-51


Welcome to the first ever true live blog here on Wave the Red Towel! We hinted at something new earlier today,  and here it is – a real-time, play by play and opinion thread that will update as the game happens. The only thing YOU have to do is refresh the page every now and then, scroll down, and see what new content is up! As always, we will have live tweets as well at @WaveTheRedTowel on twitter, so we have no shortage of ways to get in you involved today. Hope you guys have as much fun as I plan on having! And, of course, let’s go Hilltoppers!

Coin Toss:
The Tops win the coin toss, and will receive the ball to start. Let’s get this party started!

1st Quarter:
WKU will begin the game from their own 27 yardline.

1Q 12:47, 0-0
The Tops are moving the ball excellently. Down inside the redzone.

1Q 12:23, 7-0 WKU
TOUCHDOWN Hilltoppers. The script works to perfection, as usual, and Leon Allen punches it in for a score. Now, lets see what the defense has in store for today.

Scoring Summary: 7 plays, 73 yards in 2:37. Leon Allen one-yard TD rush

1Q 12:16, 7-0 WKU
ODU has the ball now, and will start from their own 29 yardline.

1Q 11:26, 7-0 WKU
Taylor Heinicke hits Melvin Vaughn for a 44-yard completion. Defensive woes showing early here.

1Q 10:33, 7-3 WKU
The Tops’ defense stands tall, and nearly picked Heinicke off, but allow a field goal. ODU is on the board.

Scoring Summary: 6 plays, 47 yards, 1:43. Jarrett Cervi 41-yard field goal

1Q 10:28, 7-3 WKU
The Tops will start their second possession of the game from their own 26 yard line.

1Q 9:10, 7-3 WKU
Ace Wales being used here in three of the past four plays. It was Allen in the first drive, him here so far.

1Q 8:38, 7-3 WKU
Monarchs force a Hilltoppers’ punt. WKU doesn’t cross midfield, and it’s ODU who has the ball from their own 15.

1Q 8:05, 7-3 WKU
We have a turnover! Heinicke looks for Zack Pascal, but instead hits Cam Thomas in the hands for an interception. Tops start from the ODU 41 yard line.

1Q 5:24, 14-3 WKU
Doughty finds Antwane Grant for the first time today, and it’s an easy waltz into the endzone for a touchdown.

Scoring Summary: 7 plays, 41 yards, 2:41. Antwane Grant 6-yard TD recpetion.

1Q 5:18, 14-3 WKU
First post-interception drive for ODU will begin at their own 22-yard line.

1Q 3:55, 14-3 WKU
ODU is having a hard time moving the ball, most due to self inflected wounds. However, the Tops’ defense has done wonders in stopping Ray Lawrie. Tops take over at the ODU 45.

1Q 3:22, 21-3 WKU
On the second play of the new drive, Doughty finds Joel German streaking down the far sideline, hits him in stride, and German simply outruns Fellonte Misher to the endzone. That’s 21 points here in the opening quarter, and we still have 3:22 to play.

Scoring Summary: 2 plays, 45 yards, :33 seconds. Joel German 45 yard TD reception

1Q 2:46, 21-3 WKU
Heinickie is moving the ball with a couple of short passes here to open the drive, but the WKU cornerbacks are coming to the play and rarely allowing the receiver to slip past.

1Q :12, 21-3 WKU
The Monarchs opt to go for it on fourth down, and just like last week, they get it. First and 10 from the WKU 32 yardline.

END OF THE FIRST QUARTER: 21-3 Western Kentucky

1st Quarter thoughts: The offense is clicking, much like the first half of last week, and has quickly forgotten the second half. The defense is getting burned, at times, and that fourth-down conversion to end the quarter certainly wasn’t good, but if the Tops’ keep scoring, they’re in good hands. Let’s see what the second quarter has in store.

2Q 14:36, 21-10 WKU
That fourth-down conversion was huge, and gave ODU life. Ray Lawry finds holes and runs into the endzone. First TD of the day for the Monarchs.

Scoring Summary: 11 plays, 83 yards in 3:40. 12 yard TD rush from Ray Lawry

2Q 14:26 , 21-10 WKU
Tops will start from their own 36 yardline. Great run from Kylen Towner, refusing to go down. It took about six Monarchs’ to pull him to the ground.

2Q 14:17, 21-10 WKU
And on the first play from scrimmage, Ace Wales fumbles the ball, and Fellonte Misher recovers (he was the one who got burned on the German TD catch). Ruling on the field is ODU ball, but it’s being reviewed.

2Q 14:17, 21-10 WKU
After review, the ruling is confirmed Well poopie.

2Q 13:00, 21-10 WKU
ODU goes for it on fourth down again, and they convert…again. Heinicke finds Lawry who gets to the one yardline. This fourth-down defense NEEDS TO CHANGE some how. This is ridiculous.

2Q 12:23, 21-16 WKU
The review showed that Lawry was short of the goal line, but he punches it in two plays later. The extra point is no good, but the Monarchs have all the momentum.

Scoring Summary: 7 plays, 44 yards in 1:54. Ray Lawry the 1-yard TD rush

2Q 12:18, 21-16 WKU
Tops begin their post-fumble drive from their own 24-yardline.

2Q 11:29, 21-16 WKU
Doughty finds Grant across the middle, and Grant dances into ODU territory before being knocked out of bounds inside the 40. Great job waiting for blocks and picking up yards on the 31-yard reception.

2Q 10:19, 28-16 WKU
Doughty decides to go to Grant again, and Grant channels his inner Taylor Swift, shakes off an ODU defender, and waltzes into the endzone. The touchdown throw ties Kawan Jakes’ 2012 single-season record with 22.

Scoring Summary: 6 plays, 76 yards in 1:59. Antwane Grant 18-yard TD reception

2Q 10:18, 28-16 WKU
ODU starts their drive from the 25, and Heinicke finds Vaughn for 45 yards. Bleh.

2Q 8:52, 28-23 WKU
That didn’t take long. A 45 yard pass to put the Monarchs in Topper-territory and a 19 yard TD catch by Antonio Vaughn from Heinicke, and ODU puts more points on the board. Good. Gosh. What is defense?

Scoring Summary: 4 plays, 75 yards in 1:27. Antonio Vaughan 19-yard TD reception

2Q 8:44, 28-23 WKU
Back at it on offense for WKU, from their own 39 yardline.

2Q 8:19, 35-23 WKU
History, folks. Brandon Doughty breaks the WKU single-season passing record (23 touchdowns) by hitting Taywan Taylor perfectly in stride, and put more(!) points on the board.

Scoring Summary: 2 plays, 61 yards in 25 seconds. Taywan Taylor 34-yard TD reception

2Q 7:17, 35-23 WKU
Lawry with a 24-yard rush that shouldn’t have been near that long. Defenders are running with him waiting for a good time to tackle. Should have been down around 12 yards ago.

2Q 3:24, 35-23 WKU
Heinicke attempts to throw a pass, it goes off someone at the line, comes back in his arms, and he runs for the first down. The man’s first career reception. Just what this game needed.

2Q 3:24, 35-23 WKU
ODU calls the first timeout of the game.

2Q 2:41, 35-30 WKU
Just like German’s TD down the far sideline, Heinicke finds Melvin Vaughn for a 28-yard TD play down the far sideline. Just simply outran the Hilltopper in couverage.

Scoring Summary: 11 plays, 89 yards in 5:32. Melvin Vaughn 28 yard TD reception

2Q :43, 35-30 WKU
The Tops are moving the ball well, and Doughty threaded the needle perfectly, finding Grant in double coverage, but the tackle brought the ball out. WKU takes their first timeout of the game to save some clock and try to score before the intermission.

2Q :43, 35-30 WKU

2Q :12, 42-30
Doughty and the offense run down the field, and BD hits Dangerfield in the numbers, he loses a defender or two, and finds the endzone.

Scoring Summary: 11 plays, 77 yards in 2:22. Jared Dangerfield 19-yard TD reception

HALFTIME: Western Kentucky 42 – Old Dominion 30

First Half Stats:
Brandon Doughty – 16/19, 250 yards and five touchdowns
Taylor Heinicke – 16/24, 271 yards, two touchdowns and an interception

Leon Allen – 16 carries for 93 yards and one touchdown
Ace Wales – four carries, 26 yards
Ray Lawry – 14 carries, 75 yards and two touchdowns

Jared Dangerfield – 7 catches, 72 yards and a touchdown
Antwane Grant – 3 catches, 53 yards and two touchdowns
Antonio Vaughan – 4 catches, 128 yards, one touchdown
Melvin Vaughn – 3 catches, 53 yards, one touchdown

1st Half Thoughts: This feels like a final. But it’s not. We have two more quarters of football. Who would have thought the biggest stop of the game would have been WKU holding the Monarchs to a field goal after their first possession of the game? It’s fun to watch when the Tops are doing it – and Doughty is loving Dangerfield tonight. He’s been going to him since the first drive of the game. However, the fact that ODU is doing similar things is baffling. Also baffling – the lack of running game from both sides (and, yes, I know Allen is nearing 100 yards). The Monarchs’ run game has been held in check well, especially at the line of scrimmage. Second half is the Achilles heel of this team, so lets see what happens. Reminder: ODU gets the ball to start the half.

Second Half:

3Q 14:52, 42-30 WKU
And halftime is over. The third quarter is underway, ODU begins the half from their own 30 yardline.

3Q 12:31, 42-30 WKU
The Tops cannot find a way to leave the field, beit a 3rd or 4th down stop. A much slower pace of play here in the early going of this half. Also, Lawry grounding and pounding the running game, and is an absolute beast when doing so.

3Q 11:22, 42-37 WKU
Lawry is trusted with the ball again, and the Tops – predictably – can’t stop ODU. Touchdown Monarchs.

Scoring Summary: 7 plays, 70 yards in 3:30. Ray Lawry 17 yard TD rush

3Q 11:09, 49-37 WKU
The Tops don’t run a play, because Kylen Towner goes 94-yards off the kickoff, and puts more points on the board for WKU. My oh my.

3Q 9:30, 49-37 WKU
The deep ball continues to kill WKU, as Heinicke hits Vaughan deep, and the Monarchs are set up at the 5.

3Q 8:41, 49-44 WKU
Guess who? Yep, the other 33. Lawry. He has four, which ties an ODU record.

Scoring Summary: 5 plays, 76 yards in 2:19. Ray Lawry 4-yard TD rush

3Q 7:38, 49-44 WKU
The main difference between Doughty’s receivers today and the rest of the season is that they aren’t dropping passes. Doughty is perfectly placing them, and receivers are thanking him by not dropping sure-things.

3Q 5:11, 56-44 WKU
What was probably the most methodical drive of the day for the Tops, it gets capped off with an Allen 12 yard touchdown rush, in which he cuts back, finds the hole, and is not touched.

Scoring Summary: 8 plays, 75 yards in 3:30. Leon Allen 12 yard TD rush

3Q 4:55, 56-44 WKU
There’s an injured Hilltopper, Cam Thomas to be exact, and play has stopped

3Q 4:55, 56-44 WKU
Cam Thomas needs help walking off the field, putting absolutely no pressure on his right leg. Not good.

3Q 2:05, 56-51 WKU
The Tops get torched across the middle, AGAIN, and Heinicke finds Vaughan for a 39-yard touchdown pass. I know we’ve expected awful defense all week, but it’s still infuriating.

Scoring Summary: 7 plays, 71 yards in 2:59. Antonio Vaughan with a 39 yard TD reception

END OF THE THIRD QUARTER: Western Kentucky 56 – Old Dominion 51

3rd Quarter Thoughts: We knew defense would be the issue, especially in the second half, but it’s still infuriating that ODU continues to find the endzone, and this quarter especially they did so thanks to big plays setting them up close to the goal line. I didn’t feel comfortable with the halftime lead, and I don’t feel comfortable now.

4th Quarter:

4Q 13:30, 56-51 WKU
This might be the play of the game. Fellonte Misher stripes Mitchell Henry at the one yardline, and the Monarchs have the ball, down 5, at their own 26. This could end very, very poorly.

4Q 8:54, 63-51 WKU
ODU was set up at the WKU three yard line, but the ball slips out of Heinicke’s hands and falls into Juwan Gardner’s, and he takes it ALL THE WAY FROM 98 YARDS AWAY to the house. Wow. What a momentum shift. Tops now have at least one offensive, defensive and special teams touchdown.