WKU, South Florida announce football home and home


Just a few minutes ago, the @WKUSports twitter account tweeted out this, announcing a future football series between the Tops and another school…

That’s right! The Tops and Bulls have finally scheduled their home-and-home, although it’ll be another decade until it’s actually played, which is kind of a bummer considering how the business of college football works, meaning former Hilltopper coach Willie Taggart most likely wont be there.

For those confused about why this was scheduled in the first place – when Taggart left the Tops for South Florida in the winter of 2012, he left with time still left in his contract. In the contract, it stated that if he did in fact leave before it ended, the Tops and his new school would do everything in their power to schedule a home-and-home football series with the new school. And thank goodness they finally got it done, regardless of how long it took.

Remember when the Tops almost beat Ole Miss in basketball last year? That game, and the one this year in Oxford, will be played because former athletic director Ross Bjork had a similar clause in his contract, and in his case, there had to be a home and home in basketball and football, although it’s fairly doubtful that football series will get scheduled.

The Tops have a similar deal with Louisville and Bobby Petrino, but it took nearly three years after Taggart left to get this finalized, so we might still have to wait for a while to know when they’ll play the Cards.

So, the one question remains – who wants to head to Tampa with me in 2024?