C-USA Stories: “I think it’s like a mini-SEC”


There is a whole lot right going for Louisiana Tech right now.

They’re the lone undefeated team in the C-USA West, which is a record that should stay intact after a matchup with UTSA this weekend, and they’ve been given the highest of esteems when it comes to their fans, from a man who has been around the block in FBS.

UTSA head coach, Larry Coker, who’s coaching resume includes schools like Miami, Ohio State, and the two big Oklahoma schools, compared the Bulldog’s gameday experience to something a couple of other Bulldog schools a little closer to the Atlantic might have.

"Yeah, it’s a tough place to play, I think it’s like a mini-SEC school where the fans are really into it and enjoy the experience. They’ve done a lot of work on their stadium up there and I don’t know how close they are to having that finished."

Pretty high esteem for little ol’ Louisiana Tech. In fact, this is something we Hilltoppers fans can learn from.

Just like WKU, LA Tech has to battle out bigger schools for attention as well – LSU and Tulane probably the two biggest. But, they’re still averaging over 22,080 per game this year (granted, it’s just two games, but still). So that tells me either A) students are coming out in force to watch their school play, or B) the community loves and supports what the Dogs do, and want to see them succeed.

Are those who frequent Bulldogs’ games fans of LSU or Tulane? Probably, yeah. But, they still go. Maybe ’cause it’s more convenient? Maybe because tickets aren’t as available? Whatever the reason, they show up.

Tops fans, I know you all love the team you grew up with – be it UK or UofL. But, regardless of the sport, why go all the way to Lexington or Louisville in order to watch an hour long (or 40 minute long, if we’re talking basketball) game, when there’s a perfectly good option right here in Bowling Green? We were the second wave into C-USA, and even that was probably all sorts of lucky, because lets face it, aside from the middle of 2012, we don’t put up the attendance numbers anywhere to truly have earned a C-USA spot.

We, as fans, have to not only come to the games, but make it an atmosphere that other teams will not look forward to. At. All. You know how fun it was hearing the UAB contingent be louder than the home Tops? Not very. And, regardless of how they’re playing or what the score is, the Hill is our turf. Can’t no one come in and take it.

Go Tops.