Hilltoppers vs. Blazers live tweet stream & staff picks


The Hilltoppers are set to open a new chapter in their short, growing football history, as the Tops and Blazers will play in the first ever Conference USA game in L.T. Smith Stadium.

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We only had one guy get last week’s game right, as Will increased his season total to 3-1 and take a commanding lead.

Fletcher Keel, editor (1-3) – The Tops will play just their second home game of the season tonight, and they’ll be fired up to be back on the Hill. Having said that, don’t read too much into the Blazers losing to FIU. That was a fluke, and more than likely, the Blazers wont turn the ball over six times (although it’ll be awesome if they do). I envision a high scoring game, and I think Brandon Doughty gets back to the positive side of 400 yards passing. Both teams will score at least 30 points, and the Tops will break even in C-USA as they’ll win tonight.

Marcus Browning, staff writer (0-4) – Marcus was en route back to Bowling Green from his hometown in Somerset, so all he could say is that the Tops will win by a touchdown.

Will Puckett, staff writer (3-1) – The Hilltoppers marched into Annapolis last week and were the recipients of a little luck from the football gods. However, they managed to stifle the Navy rushing attack just enough to get out of there with a victory. For UAB, they are the exact opposite of WKU. They like to rush the ball and run the clock down and play a field position game. For the Tops, it’ll be important for them to get the ball and drive down the field early and often. The key to the game for the Tops is to settle in on defense for a fight in the trenches – they have to continue to get better. For the offense, they might get Mitchell Henry back, which is important for their redzone offense, which hasn’t been very productive as of late. The Hilltoppers offense will be too much too soon for UAB, and the Tops will run away with this one 45-23.

Wally Hughes, staff writer (0-1) – FIU showed last week that the UAB secondary is susceptible to giving up big plays. I’m predicting Doughty to have another big day, and there will be at least one Topper with over 100 receiving yards. The Tops will take care of business, winning 41-21, while showing continued improvements on the defensive side of the ball.

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