Conference USA Power Rankings; Tops in top three


The rankings are in! Here’s how bloggers around Conference USA voted for the best and worst in the conference. PS – do you like our new look?!

(3-2). Previous: . MTSU Blue Raiders. 2. team. 2370.

. (1-3). Previous: . UTSA Roadrunners. 4. team. 2408

5. team. 2399. . (2-3). Previous: . FAU Owls

7. team. 2388. . (2-2). Previous: . North Texas Mean Green

team. 2399. . (1-3). Previous: . Rice Owls. 9

team. 2367. . (2-2). Previous: . UAB Blazers. 11

13. team. 2385. . (2-3). Previous: . Southern Miss Golden Eagles

Here’s how we at Wave the Red Towel voted. For once, we got a lot right, like the top three.

2370. The Blue Raiders were able to whether the storm and emotion of Old Dominion’s opening Conference USA game, and left Virginia with a big win. They’ll host Southern Miss on Saturday.. (3-2). Previous: . MTSU Blue Raiders. 2. team

Previous: . North Texas Mean Green. 4. team. 2388. While we aren’t penalizing the Mean Green for not playing last week, the Raiders and Tops did have performances that warranted a leap over the former Sun Belt rival. North Texas will head to Indiana to play an IU team that lost to Bowling Green State, but has beaten Mizzou. Go figure.. (2-2)

2399. You really could mix and match either Florida team here, but I figured FIU had come the furthest, and their win was more impressive. Although, take nothing away from the Owls win against the Roadrunners. But we will get to them later. All of a sudden, Thursday’s Sunshine State Showdown looks <em>reaaaalllly </em>interesting…. (2-3). Previous: . FAU Owls. 6. team

7. team. 2399. The defending champs have won a game! That’s really all I have to say this week.. (1-3). Previous: . Rice Owls

UTSA Roadrunners. 10. team. 2408.  UTSA, one of the favorites in the west, lost to FAU. Now, FAU was predicted to be better than they started out, but it still seemed like a game the Runners should have had.. (1-3). Previous:

UAB Blazers. 11. team. 2367.  UAB lost to FIU. I feel like that should stand for itself.. (2-2). Previous:

2385.  The Golden Eagles woes continue. I wish I had more to say, but they’re just bad. They were the unanimous last place choice by all the  bloggers.. (2-3). Previous: . Southern Miss Golden Eagles. 13. team

How do you feel our rankings, or the rankings of the group were? Who would you move? Where and why? Let us know below or on twitter at @WaveTheRedTowel.