ProToppers: Jack Doyle scores first career touchdown


With under 90 seconds to play in the opening half of tonight’s Monday Night Football game, former Hilltopper tight end Jack Doyle scored his first touchdown of his NFL career.

On the play, which you can see below, Andrew Luck fakes a handoff, rolls to his right, and finds Doyle near the sideline, who dives for the pylon with an Eagles defender on his tail, and even though he lost the ball after hitting the ground, the touchdown would stand.

Doyle has actually been pretty versatile tonight, and has even lined up several times at the halfback position, and has been a man when going up to make blocks for the Colts’ running backs. Doyle is playing in the 17th game of his professional career and has six career receptions. So, if he catches one score for every six passes, he will break a lot of records.

Doyle still has a year or so before he becomes the primary weapon of choice at the tight end spot, but after this, it’s not out of the question to see him line up in goal line packages and get short scores.

If you’re like me and don’t have a dog in tonight’s fight, you certainly have a reason to stand up and cheer, as Mr. Doyle is officially in the NFL record books. Congratulations, bit 8-4.