Prank vandals strike before WKU/MTSU game


Middle Tennessee has sort of an unfair advantage, as they’ll host both the football and basketball meetings between the Blue Raiders and Hilltoppers, meaning Tops players and fans will have to travel down the 90 (or is it 100? I’m sticking with 90) Miles of Hate and watch the Tops on Blue Raider territory.

Well, some Hilltoper fans weren’t happy about that, and decided to take things into their own hands left their mark around the MTSU campus.

What was originally believed to be chalk turned out to be powder, and it appears it has since been washed off.

A lot of the tweets from the MTSU side have things that I don’t feel comfortable sharing, but a quick search of the twitterverse will show that Raider fans are, to say the least, not happy about the actions. However, let’s not be dumb, we all know good and well that if the Raiders had come to BG, they would have done something to the Diddle statue. That’s just how these things work.

It’s all in the name of good rivalry fun, and the WKU side of things had the sense to not do anything permanent or completely dumb witted. Not that both sides needed a reason to be more excited for tonight, but obviously after this, the stakes have been raised a bit.

Now, I would love to say where the horse shoe is on campus and why it’s so important to the MTSU fans, but I literally have never stepped onto their campus or know anything about their history, so I can’t inform you all. But, again, they seemed…not pleased.

If you see any more skulduggery or hi-jinx tonight before the game, tweet us a picture at @WaveTheRedTowel.