Hilltoppers vs. Fighting Illini live tweet stream and staff picks


The only thing worse than waiting for the season to kick off (like we did last week) is for, if your kickoff game went well, to wait for your team to get back on the field. Like we had to endure this week. BUT, we are en route to Champaigne as you’re reading this, and the Hilltoppers and Fighting Illini will soon kickoff, and hopefully WKU can find themselves 2-0 to begin their membership into Conference USA.

Real world obligations kept us away from being active last week against BGSU, but that is all changing this week, and we will actually have our tweet-stream working. So, if you’re not already, or you just don’t feel like leaving this page (I don’t blame you), all the tweets you’ll ever need are right down below!
Tweets by @WaveTheRedTowel

As always, we’d love interaction, so favorite, retweet, reply to us during and after the game, and you never know if a tweet you send us will make it’s way into a future article…

If you want an even more expansive conversation, we have a comments section below for you to add any elongated thoughts you have, and I’ll be doing the same – providing key information during the game such as scores, post-quarter thoughts and much much more.

Last week, I was the only one to get the prediction of a Hilltopper victory correct. Let’s see what everyone says coming into this week:

Fletcher Keel, editor (1-0) – I’m torn. Part of me wants to say that last week was, more or less, a fluke. Part of me thinks that the Tops will get too big for their britches, and the Illini have a day. Afterall – WKU is only 1-12 in their last 13 road openers, and it still feels like that Tennessee game happened just a few short days ago. However, on the other hand, all the players and coaches have been talking about is exactly the opposite of everything I just said. They will do everything in their power to not be a one-game wonder, and have a real opportunity to make a real big statement. I’m going with my heart this week, not my head, and saying it’s a WKU victory. I’m awful at score predictions, so I’ll just take a shot in the dark: Tops 35 – Illinois 14.

Marcus Browning, staff writer (0-1) – My prediction is WKU wins by a touchdown. Illinois had one of the worst defenses last year, and it didn’t get better this year. I look for Brandon Doughty and the Tops to pick up where they left off from last week. Also, if the WKU defense makes stops like they did against BGSU, then I don’t think the six returning offensive starters for the Illini can produce enough yardage to keep up with the Tops.

Will Puckett, staff writer (0-1) – Illinois will win tomorrow. Their defense will shut down the new and improved WKU offense, and the Illinois offense will turn it on against a, so far, untested WKU defense. The Hilltoppers have won one road opener since 2002. Hilltoppers lose 24-14.

Of course, the game will be on the Big 10 Network, but I saw people say it’s not the scheduled game in the region of Bowling Green (which makes no sense). If you know of a place showing the game, tweet us (@WaveTheRedTowel) and we will help spread the news. Well, we have some moments before kickoff – what say you? Score prediction? Stat prediction? Let us know and get this party started!