CUSA Football Scoreboard: UTSA comes up short against Arizona


I was only able to actually watch the final three and a half minutes of last night’s Arizona/UTSA game, but if the rest of the game was as crazy and wild as those closing moments, it was a great night for Roadrunner fans, win or lose. If you were unable to see any of last night’s action, we have a recap for you below!

UTSA 23 – Arizona 26
And the Roadrunners nearly sent the game into overtime, plus had a final opportunity to win it. UTSA fell behind 10-0 in the first quarter, but scored with a minute to go, and following a Wildcat field goal, the ‘Runners put up another touchdown, then a safety to take a 16-13 halftime lead, only to allow a touchdown in the final minute of the half to go into half time down by four. A pair of Wildcat field goals extended the lead to a 10 point one, and UTSA put together an 80 yard drive in just over three minutes to bring it to the eventual final score. The Roadrunners had an opportunity with the first drive of the fourth quarter to kick a field goal from 25 yards out, but the miss would prove costly. The game ended – essentially – when UTSA quarterback Tucker Carter tried to lob a shuffle pass on second down, but ‘Zona safety Jared Tevis fell on his back trying to catch the ball, and it all but sealed it for the Wildcats. UTSA gained 349 yards and gave up 454, but ‘Runners fans cannot be disappointed with the performance.

In just over a week, it’s already been a great season for CUSA football, and there will be plenty of opportunities (including one this weekend by a certain team that resides on a certain Hill) for the conference to show they belong on the same field as the big boys.