ProToppers Primer: NFL Preseason Week 3


Week two of the NFL preseason saw some blow outs, some late comebacks, and of course, nine (well, eight) former Hilltoppers trying their hardest to make a roster spot, make an impact, and make their name known around the nation.

Jack Doyle, Andrew Jackson – Indianapolis Colts (vs. New Orleans Saints, Sat. 7:00 pm)
Mr. Doyle, Old Hickory and their Colts will welcome in thebig boys from the Big Easy Saturday, and are in search of their first victory of the preseason. Doyle wasn’t much of a factor, if one at all, in last weeks stunning one-point loss to the Giants, as he didn’t catch a pass, even though it seems like the entire rest of the recieving core did (18 total Colts caught at least one ball). On the defensive side of the ball, Jackson was a complete and total wrecking crew, leading the team in both total tackles (six) and solo tackles (five). It was his first action of the preseason after being injured in camp, and hopefully this is something we are talking about week in and week out.

Bobby Rainey – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (vs. Buffalo Bills, Sat. 3:30 pm)
Rainey had a disappointing week last week in some aspects, only running for 15 yards on eight carries, but got time in the kick return units and made an impact there, returning a kickoff for 19 yards and three punts for 30 yards. It doesn’t get any easier against the Bills on Saturday, as they allowed just 35 rushying yards last week to Pittsburgh.

Quanterus Smith – Denver Broncos (vs. Houston Texans, Sat. 8:00 pm)
The good news for Q is that he doesn’t have the task of lining up opposite Jadeven Clowney. The bad news is, the Texans have a load of confidence, coming off a 32-7 victory last week, and Smith could be in for a real physical game, but it’ll prove to only be benificial as he’s fighting for a roster spot.

Antonio Andrews – Tennessee Titans (vs. Atlanta Falcons, Fri. 6:00 pm)
We have good news and bad news surrounding Antonio Andrews. The good news? He made a tremendious impackt in the return game, returning two kickoffs for 51 yards! The bad news? On three carries, AA2K recorded…negative…one…yards. Okay, that was a fluke, and he’ll get back at it tomorrow against this writter’s favortie team, the Atlanta Falcons, who allowed 138 rushing yards last week to the Houston Texans. The Texans.

Jonathan Dowling – Oakland Raiders (vs. Green Bay Packers, Fri. 7:00 pm)
Dowling was easily outdone by Old Hickory in terms of sheer numbers, but Dowling did have himself a multi-tackle game, as well as a tipped ball to break up a pass. He has a great chance to play against some good recievers against Green Bay tomorrow.

Kadeem Jones – St. Louis Rams (vs. Cleveland Browns, Sat. 7:00 pm)
Kadeem Jones is healthy! (at least, healthy enough to practice), and will hopefully see his first action of the preseason Saturday against Johnny Football and the Browns. Not many (actually, none) of the Rams’ blogs that we have our eye on are predicting Jones to make the 53 man roster, and this weekend is a perfect example to prove them wrong.

Derrius Brooks – New Orleans Saints (vs. Indianapolis Colts, Sat. 7:00 pm)
Derrius Brooks didn’t record a tackle in last week’s win over Tennessee, but the Saints defense has been very top heavy when it comes to who gets tackles. Of the 17 players who recorded tackles, 12 of them were ended the came with multiple tackles.

Xavius Boyd – Buffalo Bills (vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Sat. 3:30)
Each week in the preseason has seen two ProToppers go against each other, but this week we have two!, as XBoyd will lace up against Bobby Rainey. As we mentioned above, Boyd is apart of a staunch Buffalo defense who only allowed 35 rushing yards last week to the Steelers. Boyd was apart of that “35” number, recording only one tackle, but it came for a loss. What are the odds on a Boyd tackle after a Rainey big gain?

Which ProTopper do you think has the best chance to stay on an NFL roster? Who are you most excited about watching? Let us know below or on twitter (@WaveTheRedTowel) by using the hastag #ProToppers. Also, if you live in one of these areas and can actually watch one of these games, tweet us and let us know how our boys did, and your tweet might end up in a future post!